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The second season of Nexa Music, spearheaded by global icon AR Rahman, is now in motion as Maruti Suzuki India follows the tremendous success of Season 1. Nexa Music Season 2 is ready to roll out their first song, "Rollercoaster," composed by music composer Mickey McCleary along with the super winners of Season 1- Simetri Sisters, Nisa Shetty and Heat Sink.

The winners of Season 1 are given the opportunity to raise the curtain of the new season on this ground-breaking platform with the second season's opening song 'Rollercoaster'.

Maruti Suzuki's NEXA Music, a platform that is international, cutting-edge, and full of fresh experiences, is acing the music industry. It raises the winners of the previous season each year while running the talent to bring new singers for the next Season.

The hunt for Season 2 winners received 2,554 entries out of which, 24 talents will be shortlisted and mentored by AR Rahman. Furthermore, four amazing voices will be named as super winners of Nexa Music Season 2.

McCleary, an award-winning composer, songwriter and music composer/producer who has worked extensively in the Indian music industry as well as internationally with an assortment of artists ranging from the Oscar-winning composer AR Rahman to actress/singer Priyanka Chopra (Quantico) has composed the opening song “Rollercoaster”.

It is motivated by both retro and contemporary production. Besides McCleary, AR Rahman, a celebrated global icon along with well-known musicians Clinton Cerejo, Bianca Gomes (Shor Police), Uday Benegal, and Monica Dogra—will provide their support by serving as mentors and personally influence Nexa Music. The three super winners who are celebrating this new season with Nexa Music collaborated on the song.

Nexa Music is a pool of India's best artists to create inspiring music and unforgettable moments. With a goal to discover, celebrate and inspire emerging talent, Nexa Music has been able to curate an original English playlist by celebrated and upcoming artists.