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Nivea announced the completion of the third edition of Nivea Soft Fresh Batch, the brand’s digital talent hunt. Marking the occasion, Nivea hosted an event in Mumbai to celebrate 60 new winners who secured a year-long contract with the brand to kick-start their influencer journey. 

The event featured content creation zones, themed photobooths alongside a professional photoshoot organised for the finalists. Renowned influencers graced the event, imparting valuable guidance to help these achievers navigate the dynamic digital landscape and carve their distinctive path forward.

“The edition witnessed a surge in participation, garnering over 2,30,000 entries on both  Instagram and MOJ. Creators hailing from over 45 cities took part in this digital hunt. Nivea curated four distinctive tribes - Fresh Beauties, Berry Fashionistas, Peppy Performers and Peachy Stars,” said the company statements.

This year brought a fresh element into play - the inclusion of mega influencers as mentors.  Notably, Manav Chhabra, Unnati Malharkar, Ashi Khanna, Tanzeel Khan, Rishabh Chawla, and Anam  Darbar joined as mentors. They undertook the responsibility of nurturing and guiding the next generation of budding creators from their respective tribes. Furthermore, Nivea also ensured on-ground amplification through thoughtfully designed college-led activations across 430 colleges spanning 40 cities.

Sunil Gadgil, Marketing Director, Nivea India, said, “We are thrilled by the overwhelming response this edition has garnered nationwide. The remarkable growth year-on-year showcases our commitment to empower talent from every corner of the country.  Our dedication goes beyond providing resources and mentorship; we strive to ignite the creation of innovative and diverse content. The nearly twofold increase in engagement compared to our previous  efforts underscores the untapped talent and potential, encouraging us to plan even more dynamic  editions of Nivea Soft Fresh Batch in the future.”

The Mentors remarked, “Being a part of Nivea Soft Fresh Batch was a delightful experience. Guiding  these aspiring creators over the months was incredibly rewarding. The exchange of ideas and  understanding their journey reminded us of our early days in content creation. We extend our best  wishes to the 2023 batch and eagerly await to see them shine and come into their own.”