Nokia collaborates with famous poets, authors and artists to spread hope and positivity

Fifteen original and favourite positive stories of love, friendship, community, work, hope and family were commissioned on behalf of Nokia and have been created and designed to be shared with loved ones as Short Moving Stories – short, text-able messages of hope

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Poets, authors, writers and artists around the world, including Indian author Ruskin Bond and British spoken-word artist George the Poet – widely known for kicking off the Royal Wedding of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry with his poem – are among six prominent authors and poets who are part of Nokia’s Short Moving Stories campaign to help spread love and optimism in challenging times.

Fifteen original and favourite positive stories of love, friendship, community, work, hope and family were commissioned on behalf of Nokia phones and have been created and designed to be shared with loved ones as Short Moving Stories – short, text-able messages of hope.

Ruskin Bond’s original Short Moving Story about the value of family and love for the country


George the Poet’s original Short Moving Story (SMS) about the value of community


This collaboration comes after a year in which people worldwide have learnt to slow down and find new ways to stay in touch with their lives and loved ones by using their phones, with the artists designing messages of hope to give people a way to connect and inspire each other.

The stories are all available to read, download and share for free at and form part of an effort to spread hope and positivity.

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Stephen Taylor, Chief Marketing Officer at Nokia phones, said, “We take pride in creating Nokia phones that are trusted, secure and built to last because it gives our customers peace of mind, which allows them to go off and enjoy the more positive things in life. If the last year has shown us anything, it’s the importance of positivity. Following nearly a year of isolation and vulnerability, one thing that stood out to us is the power of people’s collective voices to spread positivity in a time of need, which is also at the core of our business and ties back to our Finnish roots – Finland has consecutively won the title of being the happiest country in the world. So we are championing positive voices from around the world to spread uplifting messages, and help support each other as we come through the other side of global lockdowns.”

 Commenting on the campaign, Ruskin Bond said, “In a world of constant ups and downs, what helps us survive is the comfort we find in words spoken by our loved ones. These words have the power to create magic and help us through the toughest of times. I hope that my short stories help people in expressing their feelings to their loved and special ones. Share along."

George the poet said, “Sometimes a few words can make all the difference. We’ve all experienced how some days can feel flat and endless, especially as we can't see our friends and family. Like the new Nokia 5.4, I hope that my poems help you stay connected and in touch with your loved ones, until we can all be together again.”

The Panel of Positivity includes

-India’s well-known author, Ruskin Bond, winner of the Padma Shri, the Padma Bhushan and the Sahitya Academy Award, who always strikes an inspiring note when writing for children

-Multi-award winning George the poet, author, rapper, spoken word performer who opened the Royal wedding with a poem about Union in 2018

-James McInerney (UK) whose Poetry Project first put positive messages across the London Underground network in 2018

-George Kagwe (Kenya) is a content creator and comedian from Nairobi

-Alina Balashova (Russia) – Snowboarder and outdoor enthusiast who believes in no bad days, and keeping active to stay positive

-Juan Pablo Gaviria (Bogotá, Colombia) an author, influencer, conferencist and coach who defines himself as a Happiness Manager

The Short Moving Stories are part of a wider ongoing initiative to recognise Nokia phones, which are trusted, secure and built to last.  The idea taps into its roots as Nokia phones were developed in Finland – the happiest country in the world – in a bid to spread joy and positivity across the world.

The campaign video:

Short Moving Stories from the global panel of positivity



Subject Matter

Short Moving Stories (SMS)

Ruskin Bond



There is something to be said for writing by hand, and for the hand that holds the pen. I find it far more difficult to share my body and soul with a typewriter or computer. When I was a child, learning to write my first words and join them together, my father would place his hand on mine and guide it along the page. 

His hand is still there, I feel it now, even as I write. May loving, long gone hands touch yours dear reader. We are not alone. 

Love for the Country

It’s good to go abroad, make a name for yourself, succeed in life. But don’t forget your homeland.

Gandhi had a successful legal career in South Africa, but he did not hesitate to give it up and return to immerse himself in the freedom movement. A saga of self, sacrifice and patriotism.

Be a global warrior by all means, but don’t forget your homeland.

George the Poet



Community and Friendship

My community is my thinking space, my breathing space,

I could never fully leave this place. To

All of the children - especially you.

We're connected by spirit; my lyrics won't ever leave you. Just the thought of missing out on everyone's lives makes me

Cherish every sunset, and every sunrise


Love is a full-time job.

It doesn’t start at nine and finish at five.

It will either spark your fire or diminish your drive.

There are no days off.

There are no ways of making sure it pays off.

When you give your soul,

You become a sole trader.

And when you think with your heart

That’s a no-brainer.


You shouldn’t have to compromise yourself for your salary.

 You shouldn’t have to jeopardise your health or your sanity.

You have the right to be a blessing not a burden, find

Purpose in service, help out with your family.

Being unemployed doesn’t make you null-and-void. It’s just a season. You deserve work you believe in.


We'll last longer, no less forever, if we

Use this time to progress together. The

Future holds unexposed danger but no stress

Humanity is no stranger to progress.

As we've proven: where collaboration occurs

Progress follows fast.


My family and friends, you give me

Clarity and sense.

I feel you over long distances.

I learn so much from our differences.

I worry about becoming a stranger.

I hate knowing that you could run into danger.

I think about the little ones coming of age.

I think about the grown-ups succumbing to change.

Even when I’m not near to you

You know me, I’m here for you.

James McInerney



Life might keep me moving, but you are the only rhythm that my heart always beats to, regardless of where I roam. I could travel the world a thousand times over and yet the only destination that could ever hold me is you.


We might not be physically together right now, but we are still connected, regardless of distance. The connection we share, is mirrored in the sun and the stars as they shine that little bit brighter and for that little bit longer, offering hope in abundance until we meet again.


You will have dark days; they will cling to you in an attempt to smother your light. Fight back. Shine bright.


I want you to know that you are loved. Even on the days when the whole world seems distant, what matters is that you understand that you still matter. 


Always be kind to everyone that you meet and remember that flowers bloom when the sun shines. They open up because they trust its warmth, people do too.

Alina Balashova



The whole secret of happiness is that there is no secret. Just do what makes you happy to be alive.

Juan Pablo Gaviria



The best antidote to anything in life is gratitude.

George Kagwe



We've navigated through the storm

Settling into this new norm

Even if we struggle through it all

One thing's for sure, we will never fall.

Nokia collaborates with famous poets