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Actor and dancer Nora Fatehi, Paras Sharma - Director, Content and Community Partnerships, Facebook India (Meta), Sugar Cosmetics Co-Founder and CEO - Vineeta Singh, among others have been announced as the jury members at Creators United Awards 2023.

The list of other jury members includes other names like that of - fashion designer Masaba Gupta, Manav Sethi - Head of Martech and Growth - EV, Hero Motorcorp and chef Harpal Singh Sokhi.

Creators United is an experiential creator festival helmed by influencer agency Mad Influence and Pinkvilla, the digital entertainment and lifestyle content platform.

The Creators United awards are slated to felicitate the biggest impact drivers and powerful digital voices and recognise content creators across the most diverse genres such as finance, travel, comedy, fashion, tech, and much more. The awards are one of the highlights of Creators United 2023, the experiential festival for the content creators.

The two-day event is slated to bring the best of the best creators, influencers, brands, publishers, and social media platforms in the country under one roof for content experiences. The industry leaders and artists' support and guidance will be instrumental in crowning the most deserving creators as winners at Creators Awards 2023, in a process that is 50% jury evaluation and 50% public voting based.

Fatehi commented, "I am delighted to accept the invitation from Creators United to serve as a member of the jury for the awards night celebrating India's biggest digital creators. As an artist and performer myself, I greatly appreciate the dedication and hard work that goes into creating and sharing far-reaching content online. I am looking forward to being a part of this exciting event and honouring the talented creators who have made a significant impact in the online space, with their relentless contributions to India’s swiftly emerging digital economy.”  

Facebook India’s Sharma added, "More than ever, creators are shaping popular culture. They're pursuing their passions, starting trends, and many of them are going mainstream. This is especially true for creators from the small cities and towns in India. Their impact on consumer purchase decisions is more apparent than before, triggering more brand partnerships. Considering our unique position of seeing these developments take place on our platforms - Instagram and Facebook, we're constantly investing in the creator ecosystem. I'm hence glad to be present at the Creators United Awards, so we can celebrate their collective impact, and award a few outstanding achievements too."

Sugar Cosmetics’ Singh stated, “I am thrilled to share space on a jury with talented personalities who have accomplished so much in their respective fields. At Sugar Cosmetics, we have witnessed an evolution in the impact created by influencer-led content. Being one of the most followed consumer brands on Instagram with 2.5+ million, we have always believed in the power of community. Currently, we proudly have an influencer family of 1.5-2k influencers that engage and support us month on month. The Millennial and Gen-Z audiences are quite tech-savvy and have a strong social media presence, they are more peer and influencer-led than celebrity-led and very conscious of the products they purchase. At the Pinkvilla Creators United, I’m super excited to witness an extraordinary pool of young talent.”

Hero Motorcorp’s Sethi said, “There is no objective test for creativity. It’s the output KPIs that ascertain post facto, which creator or creative worked for the brand and the goal it was meant for! That is the jury challenge and the burden on evaluators for Creators United 23 Awards. Join us to meet these amazing creators, witness the creativity and judge the jurors. Fun on the side promised!” He has 20 years of experience managing and scaling up teams in India and Malaysia across D2C businesses.”

Fashion designer Gupta added, “I am thrilled to be part of the jury for the highly-anticipated awards night that aims to positively influence the entire Indian digital ecosystem. Digital media has the great power to reach and inspire audiences around the world and has also been an instrumental pillar in my professional journey as a fashion designer and entrepreneur. Hence, it is indeed an honour to be able to recognise and celebrate the achievements of these talented individuals, who have been digital role models to millions across the country. I am excited to join my fellow jurors in identifying and honoring the very best in the field at Creators United Awards 2023, and provide a fitting tribute to the contributions of these talented individuals to the world of digital media.”

Nandini Shenoy, CEO and Founder of Pinkvilla, stated, “We are thrilled to have the opportunity to work with some of the most esteemed and accomplished figures in the industry, who have not only excelled in their respective fields but have also contributed significantly to the growth and development of the digital economy. Our esteemed jury shares our vision of fostering dynamic and impactful digital discourse, as we strive to inspire and influence those who have the power to shape the world. We are honoured to collaborate with them on this venture to drive positive change through the power of digital innovation and creativity."

Gautam Madhavan, CEO and Founder of Mad Influence, stated, “The greatest pillar of the creators’ economy is exceptional content and we are happy to have with us leaders who have continually elevated the bar for exceptional work through their excellence and achievements, for the maiden edition of Creators United. We are confident that our respected jury members will greatly aid in our goal to empower the digital changemakers of the world, as we come together to amplify the biggest and brightest voices of the ever-growing digital India.”