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As a part of their campaign #Unboxingartists, Numero Uno has unveiled the independent artists from the country.

Numero Uno said that it believes in fostering the real and hidden talent of the country in the era where celebrities are fetched to promote a brand. India’s first indigenously manufactured denim labels promote such art who keeps the youth spirit alive with their eloquent music.

“For Numero Uno, it’s always about lauding the whimsy and free-spirited demeanour of Gen X,” the company added.

Taba Chake, a fingerstyle guitarist, Raghav Meattle known for his pop music and Aarifah Rebello, a singer-songwriter, guitarist and drummer performed a live gig at Foxtrot Gurgaon along with 5 new musicians who made their way to the gig out of 350 entries via a contest run by Numero Uno as a part of their campaign.

Paving a way to their journey Numero Uno shot an original track for the winners - Abdon Mech, Rahul Bharadwaj, Ady Mandral, Prabhakar Raj and Febronia Fernandes.

Each of these artists hailing from different parts of the country holds their own idiosyncrasies. This emerging talent enthralled the audience with their extraordinary vocal virtuosity combined with great sense of presentation.

The live gig performed by these artists: