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OML Entertainment, an artist-first content creator and talent management firm, has announced that its youngest vertical, the four-year-old Global Creator Network (GCN), has clocked a turnover of over Rs 100 crore for the 2020-21 fiscal.

Launched four years ago, GCN aims at bringing together creators and brands to build branded content solutions that impact popular culture. The business vertical today has a network of over 500 creators and influencers globally.

Since its inception, GCN has delivered over 6x ROI and over two billion views across 16,000+ pieces of short and long-form content for brands. These efficiencies have been made possible by working together with creators who are storytellers, brand custodians, producers, creative thinkers and media distribution channels — all rolled into one. This in conjunction with proprietary tools and processes has helped the GCN master the science of media planning in the branded content space.

In the last year itself, GCN developed 200+ pieces of content for 20+ brands. GCN’s entertainment solutions are constantly pushing boundaries and experimenting with different content forms driven by a specialist team that curates branded entertainment efforts for eight Bacardi portfolio brands across 15 countries, including across South East Asia, India, Africa, Middle East, Europe and Latin America. GCN continues to work with brands such as Netflix, Levi’s, Royal Enfield, Amazon, OnePlus, UpGrad, Cred, Zomato and more.

“A shift from live viewing towards the digital space due to the pandemic-related restrictions has accelerated the already changing consumer pattern in India and across the globe. The new digital consumer is generating a huge demand for entertaining content that can be accessed anytime, anywhere. In the process, this consumer is creating a parallel universe of a growing network of content creators that are filling in that gap,” said Gunjan Arya, CEO, OML

She said, “GCN enables creators and brands to come together to create organic and meaningful two-way conversations that are more authentic and relevant. This helps creators to economise their talents across platforms and genres in a way that is helping the booming creator economy and our brands, deliver more efficiency than they have seen with any of their other traditional or digital marketing efforts — a fact strongly validated by our Rs100 crore turnover during a challenging fiscal.”

The rapidly shifting consumer behaviour pattern has led to strengthened confidence amongst brands towards the branded content economy that is thriving in India. GCN is pacing towards the expansion of its influencer marketing model to run creative services for brands that wish to operate as publishers themselves. The services include creator-staffed social media writing rooms, measurement and analytics, as well as commissioning and producing content that casts creators and influencers.

GCN’s content marketing solutions span influencer marketing, creator-led branded content, content-to-commerce campaigns, co-branded merchandise with creators, digital-first collaborations and analytics across content platforms. GCN conductively brings together aptly matched creators and brands helping create organic and meaningful two-way conversations around digital marketing.