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OML Entertainment reached new heights in 2022, and it was driven by its stand-up comedy talents pushing the envelope towards diverse creative avenues, while keeping comedy at the core.

The last two years have seen a rapid rise in the digital content and media landscape, and OML said this has paved the way for its comedians to take this digital entertainment realm by storm by diversifying their craft to content creation, vlogging, streaming, writing, acting and business ventures and representing comedy across all their endeavours.

2022 saw OML talents like Zakir Khan become the first Indian comedian to perform and sell out the Beacon Theatre at Madison Square Garden in New York while selling 68 thousand tickets across 46 shows in 9 countries.

Additionally, two seasons of his show, ‘Farzi Mushaira’ were released on Amazon MiniTV, while his third stand-up special, ‘Tathastu’ was released on Amazon Prime Video.

Furthermore, he also launched his own brand of biryani - Mehfil Biryani. Meanwhile Aishwarya Mohanraj made a smooth shift from a comic to emerging as a leading creator with 10x followers across platforms, now creating visual content in association with several notable brands on long-term projects.

Likewise, Tanmay Bhat created content for Netflix with ‘Tanmay Reacts’ which is now in its fourth Season. He was part of the finale episode of Koffee With Karan S7 this year too. Sumukhi Suresh, on the other hand, worked with a leading OTT platform, integrating comedy for leading actors along with launching her own content company, Motormouth Writers. Kumar Varun too in association with OML launched a company Kumar Varun Quizzing under which all Quizzing projects and its IPs will be consolidated.  

Furthermore, Anu Menon was the face of HDFC Bank’s ‘Vigil Aunty’ campaign for creating awareness about safe banking practices through a series of videos, reels, and chat shows, while OML paved the way for Rahul Dua to be the host for Shark Tank India S2.  

On the stand-up comedy front, Anirban Dasgupta featured in the show ‘Just For Laughs’ New International Faces and was on a month-long tour with comedians at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival across Australia.

Similarly, Kanan Gill and Rahul Subramanian toured the UK and the USA. Further, Samay Raina’s India tour sold over 15K tickets and Biswa Kalyan Rath’s USA 6-cities tour sold over 8K tickets. He toured internationally in London, Dublin and Kenya too.

Rishabh Nahar - Senior Vice-President - OML, said, “This year was most certainly hugely successful for us and our talents. Over the years, OML has experienced prolific growth to evolve as a custodian of all things pop culture in the country. However, we are still and will always be an artist-first agency, focusing on enabling our talents to build a connecting bridge between their art and its economy. And we do this by always striving to stay ahead of the curve and keeping an ear out to recognise unique potentials in the pop-culture conversations to help navigate an artist’s future career direction.” He added, “We are excitedly looking forward to 2023, where we continue to identify and strive to build newer and sustainable avenues of monetisation for the creator ecosystem. Diversification and thinking bigger has become increasingly more important and one of our focus is going to be able to provide those solutions across the board, to both the artists and the brands we work with.”