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AI-driven conversation media platform, Bobble AI has announced the launch of its innovative feature “Get Reply Anyway” on their multiple keyboard applications, on the occasion of April Fool’s Day.

The feature claims to solve the age-old problem of “getting late replies or no replies at all” for billions of people. 

As per Bobble AI, studies done by top-research facilities around the world show that 70% of people get late replies and 20% of the online population gets no replies at all.

It was heartening data like this that encouraged Bobble AI to come up with this revolutionary feature. The feature uses quick response acquiring technology.

Users need to just press the “Get Reply Button” on their keyboard and Bobble AI with the help of their dedicated team of messengers who ensure that people get replies to their text messages every single time doesn’t matter if they are driving, or are in their important meeting, or even if they are the moon.

The platform promises all this in just 9 minutes and 59 seconds.

Bobble AI Disclaimer: *This is a fake feature any resemblance to real apps is purely coincidental*

*All the data points used in this video are just for entertainment purposes*