Oops! Nestle's Nescafe forgot to remove Amul's Mithai Mate from its video

The FMCG giant's coffee brand Nescafe posted a short video on Twitter on ‘How to make Vietnamese coffee' but forgot to remove competitor Amul's Mithai Mate condensed milk

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Nestle’s coffee brand Nescafe keeps on posting ‘How to do’ video content on social media. But this time around, a video went wrong due to a goof-up.

On November 15, 2019, Nescafe posted a short video showing ‘How to make Vietnamese coffee’. Unknowingly, it forgot to remove the condensed milk can from the video, which was from the competing brand Amul’s Milk Mate — a huge blunder.

Although Nestle has its own brand Milkmaid in the condensed milk category, one still wonders why it used the competition brand’s product to prepare coffee in the video.

Amul woke up after three weeks to figure this out and retweeted Nescafe’s video on December 7 adding: “Thanks @nescafe for using Amul Mithaimate sweetened condensed milk. It's is surely richer and creamier than Milk Maid, and it makes anything more delicious…” After which, it took no time for Nescafe to remove the video from social media.

Nescafe had attempted to offer its social media followers a very visually appealing video. It had all the feel-good visual elements like a book, a small cactus plant, soothing white backdrop and of course the main ingredients used to make the Vietnamese coffee: Nescafe coffee and a can of condensed milk.

But one cannot stop thinking why did Amul had taken almost 22 days to track down its competitor Nestle’s mistake? Also, why didn’t it occur to Nestle between November 15 and December 7 that they should either edit the video or bring it down from the web before anyone notices?

The audience also did not realise the mistake in so many days but Amul made sure that it did not go unnoticed.

Offering useful video content for consumers is always part of attempts by brands to make a closer connection with its audience. It helps convert into sales sooner or later and also fetches vast brand recall.

But if gone wrong, it has negative fallout. This could probably be a lesson for Nescafe, or for that matter all brands, to be careful in future videos.

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