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Campaigns that invite the audience to engage with the brand through contests are known to have experienced great success. Oreo India treads the same path with their latest campaign, asking their consumers to take the #OreoPlayPledge. They invite their audience to break away from their busy lifestyles and take a pledge to create and cherish the much-needed moments of fun with their loved ones.

Oreo has always strived to portray itself as a playful brand. The campaign builds on this approach by bringing out how playful moments can bring families closer. It becomes all the more relevant at a time when lines between personal and professional lives have blurred and people are spending more time working from home. It inspires their audience to create more play-connect time with their loved ones.

The brand has strategically used influencer marketing and brought the sentiment alive by bringing on the screen the fun relationship between a few parent-child duos. Leading them is former captain of the Indian cricket team MS Dhoni and his daughter Ziva Dhoni. The five-year-old not only brings in the cute quotient in the campaign but also brings in more reach as she herself has at least 1.8 million followers on Instagram. Some behind-the-scenes footage has been shared on her page as well.

Also on board are television actress Manasi Parekh with her daughter Nirvi and television actor Sourabh Raaj Jain with his children, who have shared the posts on their individual profiles. Their posts urge their followers to take the pledge. These influencers belong to different industries and bring in very different kinds of followers.

Before launching the campaign on Instagram, the brand built suspense around it by sharing teaser posts on their page, asking the consumers to “Guess who’s joining our fam”. Dropping a subtle hint, the caption of the post said, “‘Captain’ and vice-captain- reporting for some play! Can you tell who they are?” The next day they revealed that they have Dhoni and Ziva on board. Adding a call to action to their campaign, in their stories, they have also asked everyone to take the #OreoPlayPledge on their website. People can get a personalised ‘Thank you’ card autographed by Dhoni on taking the pledge.

Also, as evident from content marketing agency Sheeko’s activity graph, Oreo India has been moderately active on digital platforms in the past one year, but as this campaign is on-going, their digital graph seems to be on the rise.

According to the data shared by Sheeko, the campaign was able to reach over 20 lakh people in a media value pegged around Rs 5-10 lakh, excluding the amount paid to MS Dhoni.

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