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Orientbell Tiles has tried to up their game by partnering with the new OTT series, “Dream Homes by Gauri Khan”. 

In the new show, celebrity interior designer Khan is seen revamping celebrity homes and office spaces. The show sees her aesthetically transform the spaces of some of the most popular celebrity abodes.


From Katrina Kaif to Manish Malhotra, Orientbell Tiles was used to bring the vision of Gauri and these stars to life as she showcases her creativity when it comes to redesigning homes with her unique flair.

The first episode aired on September 16 on the Mirchi Plus app, which showcased Gauri Khan take over Manish Malhotra’s home for revamping. For this assignment, the audience can see her use the Samelook feature in to bring her imagination to life.

The digital tool helps Gauri select DGVT Veneer Teak Wood based on the image uploaded online and envisioning the product that best complements the space. 

Khan testifies that the digital tools provided by Orientbell Tiles are ideal for anyone who is working on interior design projects especially those that require a quick turnaround.

In the upcoming episodes, she will be seen revamping Director Kabir Khan’s office and celebrity Katrina Kaif’s home. With the use of Trialook, the audience will see her opting for DGVT Chestnut Oak Wood and DGVT Lumber White Ash respectively for these projects. 

Alok Agarwal, Chief Marketing Officer, said, “Orientbell Tiles have always taken pride in being a brand that makes it easy and convenient for people to renovate their homes and spaces. It was our pleasure to partner with Dream Homes with Gauri Khan to showcase the true capability of our tiles and digital tools.” 

Avijit Dhar, Business Director - Commerce and Digital Content Solutions, said, “We are excited to get Orientbell Tiles as an esteemed partner to the show. Mirchi Content Studio is a specialised unit that helps brands to conceptualise and produce highly engaging digital content pieces.”