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P&G Shiksha, the CSR program of P&G India, has unveiled its new heart-warming film that highlights the role education plays in fulfilling dreams and making them a reality. The film is inspired by true events and showcases the story of Sushila who dreamt about going to school and becoming a teacher.

With access to school and education, she could study and today is teaching hundreds of students, like herself, and helping them realise their dreams.  

The film has been launched across social media platforms YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram and has already received more than 50 lakh views on YouTube, as per the company. The P&G Shiksha film has been conceptualised and created by BBDO India. 

To date, since its inception in 2005, P&G Shiksha has built and supported more than 2,300 schools which will impact the lives of more than 23 lakh children, as per the company’s claims.  

Girish Kalyanaraman, Vice-President – Marketing Operations, P&G India, said, “Every child has dreams about who they will be when they grow up and education paves the way for fulfilling these dreams. Over the years, our audience has continued to support Shiksha, and this film shares one of the many stories of the impact made and dreams fulfilled. We also hope that this film continues to inspire the audience in doing their bit towards the education of children. As P&G, we will continue to step up as a force for good and support holistic education for underprivileged children and help them fulfill their dreams through our P&G Shiksha program.”  

Hemant Shringy, Chief Creative Officer, BBDO India (Mumbai), said “We wanted to not only inspire the audience to support education but more importantly showcase the impact Shiksha has made over its seventeen years journey. And that we believe is a bigger motivation for the audience to continue supporting education. When we started writing the campaign, we heard so many real stories which were emotional and inspiring. And when you hear true stories, they can move you like nothing else can and strike a deeper chord with everyone.” 


Agency Credits 

Creative Agency: BBDO India 

Chairman and Chief Creative Officer: Josy Paul 

Chief Executive Officer: Suraja Kishore 

Chief Creative Officer, Mumbai: Hemant Shringy 

Executive Creative Director, Art: Sandeep Sawant 

Script Writer: Hemant Shringy 

Jr Copywriter:  Thirukkumaran S 

GM and EVP, Mumbai: Priyanka Rishi 

Client Services Director: Omar Khan 

Account Manager: Varun Shah 

Account Director (Planning): Maitrayee Chandorkar 

Agency Producer: Krishna KV 

Production House Credits 

Production House: Footloose Films 

Director: Surya Balakrishnan  

Executive Producer: Kedhhar Barrve 

Associate Producer: Daya Suryavanshi 

DOP: Harshvardhan Waghdhare 

Music Director: Karan Kulkarni 

Voice Over: Tina Bhatia