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Parle Products has launched a collection of recipes called Hide & Seek #WhipItUp cookbook. Released digitally on Facebook and Instagram platforms, the cookbook consists of crowd-sourced recipes created using Parle Platina’s Hide & Seek range.

Amid the pandemic, Indians are cooking at home now more than ever. Some have been suddenly forced to cook, some are cooking to entertain their kids while others exploring this new cooking world for themselves. Social media is filled with posts about food, recipes, cooking tips and much more. The pandemic has also pushed us to avoid online food for our own safety, leading people to prepare meals themselves. Some of these people have been cooking for ages, while others are just learning, which has led to many interesting dishes being made and shared on various social media platforms.


To grasp this exciting community interest, Parle Products launched a contest for a period of two weeks in June, urging the audience to share their recipes using various products within the Platina’s Hide & Seek Range in a unique and distinct manner. This product range comprises Hide & Seek Classic, Hide & Seek Cafe Mocha, Hide & Seek Choco Rolls, Hide & Seek Black Bourbon and Hide & Seek Creme Sandwich. Parle provided the opportunity for cooks — amateurs and professionals — to be featured in the #WhipItUp cookbook, which brought the real essence of the chosen products. The brand received over 100 entries and top 20 recipes were chosen to be featured in the Hide & Seek #WhipItUp cookbook.

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Mayank Shah, Senior Category Head at Parle Products, said, “I feel that cooking became something of a lost art in recent years, as our lives got busier resulting in sometimes not having the time to cook dinner and buying expensive pre-made meals. This current situation is undoubtedly bringing people back together at the dinner table! The heightened consciousness around home-cooked food, be it meals or savouries or snacks, over health and safety consideration has resurrected the love for cooking among people.”

“With this cookbook, we wanted to showcase our audience’s culinary skills and creativity wherein lack of ingredients cannot hamper the urge to whip up a delicious snack or a dessert. It's time to be bold in the kitchen. The exciting recipes in our Hide & Seek#WhipItUp cookbook are a result of such experiments in the kitchen and I hope sharing it will help brew more love and positivity in the house with treats,” he said.