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Full-stack content marketplace Pepper Content has launched an entrepreneurial program – Pepperpreneur.

The program is a partner-driven catalyst program that helps companies with holistic content solutions at scale by leveraging the network and contacts of interested persons, who would in return earn a commission from the collaboration. 

Although networking as a skill is highly sought after by people such as mentors, coaches, industry insiders, sales professionals etc. but contacts on their own remain untapped as far as their monetary value is concerned. This is where Pepperpreneur comes in. It seeks to monetise the network of an individual thereby making him/her an entrepreneur.

Through this program, an individual can introduce Pepper Content to a compatible organisation that could scale from Pepper's holistic content services.

Depending on the skill and experience of the person, pepperpreneurs would be provided with guidance and training with respect to business and partnerships. On every partnership, the pepperpreneur would earn a % of the total contract. Along with this, the partner organisations would receive content services from Pepper Content, making it a win-win-win situation for all.

The financial benefit to all stakeholders is the mainstay of the program. Be it a budding entrepreneur or an established professional, it will stimulate the trajectory of their personal growth by advancing their clientele network, sales skill, and being part of the exclusive Pepper community.

In a Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, and Ambiguous (VUCA) world, brands can be left in the lurch. Content as a strategy can help firms chart a definite course in choppy waters by doing away with ambiguity. Pepper’s main objective is to democratise access to quality content for each business out there. And at the same time create new opportunities in the creator economy.

Rishabh Shekhar, Co-Founder, Pepper Content, said, “At Pepper, we are constantly innovating content delivery while playing in the evolving creator economy. This space is relatively fresh and as such has unlimited potential. Pepperpreneur is one such initiative through which we are trying to expand opportunities that our platform can provide.”