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Pepperfry, the furniture and home products marketplace, has launched a digital campaign to celebrate Mother’s Day, in collaboration with Girliyapa, the women-centric channel by TVF productions.

The witty and quirky video campaign features how mothers make the house a home to subtly evoke a sense of gratitude in us for them.

The central theme of the video campaign revolves around, “What if mothers behaved like government employees?”

The video focuses on the quintessential mother-daughter relationship in the form of a listicle unfolding various situations where the daughter needs her mother’s help.

When the daughter is not able to find her dress, when she is hungry and requests her mom to cook a meal, not prepared for a day out because she can’t find her shoe even though she has looked for it everywhere, etc.

While the role of the daughter will resonate well with every millennial, the conversations and activities navigate through a world of humour and sarcasm because the mother behaves like a government official. Throughout the video, one feels a hidden sense of relief to know that mothers don’t behave this way in real life. At the same time, it also emphasises the importance of mothers in our lives. How they create and maintain a beautiful home with complete harmony.

Speaking about the campaign, Mihir Kulkarni, Head, Brand and Digital Marketing, Pepperfry, said, “This campaign is an ode to all the mothers and their selfless attitude wherein the message ‘mothers make the house a home’ reverberates throughout the video. It portrays a direct contrast of everyday occurrences through witty hilarity. In real life, the mothers know it all and have everything under control. It also subtly highlights how with the help of Pepperfry, there is one thing less to worry about. We are looking forward to our association with Girliyapa – a women-centric platform that runs progressive content with a reach of over 1 million, which is ideal to drive conversations, create brand stickiness and increase the reach.”

The video campaign will be featured on all social media platforms owned by Pepperfry, Girliyapa and cross-posted on TVF. The video will be supported by a host of conversations by influencers, memes and engaging contests.

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