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Influencer marketing and creator management agency WhizCo has collaborated with Pinterest for onboarding and managing content creators on the platform and helping build engaging communities on the visual inspiration app.

As part of the collaboration, WhizCo has so far helped to onboard compelling content creators on Pinterest who create and share their inspiration with Idea Pins that enables Pinterest users to bring the idea to life.

Idea Pins are an organic Pin format on Pinterest that features multiple pages of video and image content, created natively on Pinterest to tell a story and inspire Pinners.

WhizCo also stated that they will be scaling the number of content creators on Pinterest along with starting an experts project where professionals from various niches and fields will be joining Pinterest and providing valuable insights and informational content.

Prerna Goel- Co-Founder and CMO of WhizCo, said, “Pinterest has always been one of the most unique and inspiring platforms and we’re proud that our collaboration with Pinterest is giving aspiring content creators a new way to build and grow on Pinterest and ensuring that Pinterest is a place not just to be inspired, but a platform where people and creators can also publish content and inspire others.”

She added, “I’m also excited for the experts’ project which is another step in helping professionals publish great ideas and help others discover great informational content.”