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Pocket Aces recently launched its latest web series ‘Operation MBBS’ on their long-form storytelling channel Dice Media in partnership with Unacademy.

Unacademy is a platform that helps students prepare for various competitive exams such as JEE, NEET, UPSC, CA, PSCs, etc. Through a two-year-long partnership, Pocket Aces has created more than 10 short videos for Unacademy, delivering real ROI — over 80 million highly engaged views with thousands of comments about the brand, thus helping in brand-building efforts. 

Pocket Aces has now doubled down on this success with a large web series focusing on MBBS aspirants. While several web series have been created about engineering, very little content has been created on life as a medical student. Pocket Aces identified the medical students and aspirants as a very strong content-hungry community and arrived at the concept of Operation MBBS to delve into why people want to become doctors by showcasing the life of first-year students in one of India’s top medical colleges.

Unacademy and its brand messaging ‘Let’s Crack It’ has been integrated throughout the series, and is shown as the enabler using which one of the protagonists, Sakshi, played by actor Anshul Chauhan, cracks the NEET exam and then also sees huge success in college. Sakshi also convinces another important character, Akash, played by actor Deepak Simwal, to crack the NEET using the Unacademy app.

The episodes integrate the learning app's offerings such as live classes, weekly mock tests as well as doubt-solving sessions by India’s top educators that students can access with Unacademy subscription — all explained in a manner that enables students to leverage these tools to achieve their examination goals. 

Speaking about the partnership, Aditi Shrivastava, Co-founder of Pocket Aces, said, “It has been a superb two-year partnership with Unacademy, where we have worked closely together to craft the content strategy for the brand and deliver high ROI. Unacademy coming on board for one of our biggest web series ever — Operation MBBS — was the logical next step. We designed our campaigns for Unacademy with deliberate goals in mind. We first worked on building brand awareness, then focused on encouraging first-time trials of the app, then showcased repeat usage and retention, finally followed by driving subscriptions via the series. Other brands should take this as a case study and follow suit.”

Commenting on the partnership, Karan Shroff, Vice-President, Marketing, Unacademy, said, “At Unacademy, we are constantly trying to break the norm. In our endeavour of democratising education, we keep the interest of aspirants across the country, and their pedagogy at the helm of everything we do. While doing so, we realised that in a country riddled with the dreams of becoming a doctor, the stories of the ones nurturing these dreams are untold. With this in mind, we partnered with Pocket Aces to create something that narrates the ordeal of medical students and NEET aspirants. That gave birth to Operation MBBS, a web series that chronicles the lives of the future doctors of the country. With Operation MBBS, we explore the lives and dreams of these remarkable individuals. Pocket Aces' large distribution ensured a wide reach for the series, touching the lives of those who aspire to achieve that coveted designation of a Dr before their names!”