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Dice Media, Pocket Aces’ long-form storytelling channel, has announced the launch of a new web series, ‘Operation MBBS’, presented by Unacademy. The web series will go live on Saturday, February 22.

The trailer of the web series:

Starring Ayush Mehra, Sarah Hashmi and Anshul Chauhan in lead roles, Operation MBBS chronicles the lives of three first-year students, who enter one of India’s best MBBS colleges. With contrasting personalities, starry dreams and approach towards life and MBBS, the trio seems to be caught in the web of challenges and pressures to survive the struggles of becoming a doctor.

How they become each other’s confidantes, recognise the value of their profession and together navigate the never-ending maze of succeeding in their determination to save lives, is what forms the crux of Operation MBBS. 

Far from the mainstream medical drama caged with stereotypical dilemma and tensions, Operation MBBS will let you in the world that lies beyond it.