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Popkast with Garima has collaborated with the Pink Box for the campaign #PinkIsTheNewBlack, to fight the stigma around menstruation and promote period hygiene.

#PeriodHorrors, in association with The Pink Box, was launched on the eve of Halloween 2020, wherein the new normal has to be defined by not being hidden in ‘black plastic bags’. In India, most of us at the time of buying our sanitary pads hide or cover it because of the ancient myths surrounding menstruation or because it is not considered a necessity. Only 36% of menstruating Indian women use sanitary pads/napkins (OOPS).

#PinkIsTheNewBlack stems from this practice of demonising menstruation in the country. It aims to fight this stigma and normalise menstruation by bringing out the horrors of menstruation women in India go through. Not only this, it also provides a solution to the pain and agony with self-care subscription box specially curated for periods with The Pink Box India.

In the past, the team at Popkast has addressed taboos with campaigns like #HathMeinNirbhar (in association with IMBesharam) that promotes female pleasure and breaks the taboo around masturbation and #CoolYourBallDown (In association with XYXX Crew) to promote men’s health and hygiene

Sanjana Pai

Sanjana Pai, Founder and CEO, The Pink Box, said, “The goal with such a service is to promote a healthy, happy and drug-free period. Almost all of us women take up medicines for cramps and headaches which are not essentially healthy and can have long-term effects on a woman’s body. The Pink Box curates your choice of pads, tampons and products that are drug-free and make you feel loved and nice during these vulnerable days full of mood-swings and pain every month. We are a young brand with a cause and we had been looking out for ways to reach out and talk about the period stigma as a larger level, Popkast With Garima conceptualised the period horrors during Halloween and then #PinkIsTheNewBlack to fight against the ‘black plastic backs’ that fit our brand narrative perfectly and natively. This I believe is the power of social insight — to grasp the nuances people can relate to and then connect it with the cause. Popkast with Garima’s cutting-edge content fit and insight methodology brings to life such amazingly simple yet powerful marketing pieces. Podcasting is fast gaining momentum in India and since they serve an immense spectrum of interests and audiences, the key for us going forward will be to identify shows that perfectly sync with our brand and products. I am glad for the support we have had overall for this campaign and I hope we will be able to make a dent with this campaign towards period positivity. ”

Garima Surana

Garima Surana, Founder and Host Popkast with Garima, said, “I personally go through a very tough time during my period, I have severe cramps and all I want for those 3-4 days every month is some peace and pampering. At Popkast, our constant endeavour is to break the ‘stree-o-types’ and The Pink Box is a wonderfully curated box. I absolutely loved the concept when Sanjana introduced me to it and all the effort she and her team are putting in to make this happen. I had taken up this initiative to propagate period positivity among people of all ages, especially young girls. A little pampering hurts no one and we want girls to unleash their power even 'during those days of the month'. Advertising on podcasts in India is at its nascent stage and Popkast is pioneering branded collaborations on this experimental yet innovative platform by clubbing podcast content to overall campaigns that drive focussed listeners and engage people on other social platforms. Think of it like Netflix. People go to watch Netflix but Netflix runs campaigns on other social platforms as well, the concept is similar only the format is audio rather than video, which in turn serves as a benefit for the brands either you can fight for 15-second views on timelines or you can get 19 minutes (avg. listen time on Popkast episodes) of focussed listenership with higher brand resonance with Popkast."