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Post Office Studios has joined forces with The Lego Group to deliver a campaign introducing the Lego Ninjago universe to Indian audiences.

The short film transports viewers straight into a high-stakes battle. The film chronicles the journey of Garry, a wanderer from another realm, who is suddenly thrust into the epic clash between the heroic Ninja warriors and the malevolent Lord Rapton. Set against the backdrop of the World of Ninjago torn apart by a merge-quake, Garry's destiny intertwines with the destiny of old and new Ninja warriors. As the suspenseful story unfolds, Garry must quickly adapt and learn the ancient ways of the Ninja to aid in their fight against Lord Rapton's sinister plans.

The Lego Group’s initiative to introduce Ninjago IP to Indian customers began with the ‘Lego Ninjago Dojo Academy’ experience, for which Post Office Studios created all the visuals.

The event, hosted in various malls and cultural centres across the country, transported attendees into the realm of Ninjago. The team at Post Office narrativised the 4 Ninja challenge activities of the on-ground Lego Ninjago Dojo Academy event into the storyflow of the main film. Additionally, merging print media and AR technology, they also designed an ad for the front page of several national newspapers with a barcode, which when scanned, showcased teaser elements from the show such as the Ninja heroes, Ninja Mechs and Dragons!

Manchitwan Jauhal, Brand Marketing Manager, Lego India, said, "Storytelling is at the heart of what we do and within the Lego Universe, the story of Ninjago is perhaps one of the most compelling ones. One of our most beloved and popular homegrown IPs with children worldwide, Ninjago is a story of Friendship, Love, Hope and fulfilling your true potential. No one’s born a hero - but heroes are made through beliefs, action, purpose and most importantly by never giving up! In the Post Office team - we found all the Ninja traits required to be great partners to us - focus, speed, creativity and most importantly the same wit, care, love and passion that we at the Lego Group always strive for when we’re talking to the most important stakeholders of All - The Builders of Tomorrow - Our Children!”

Saurabh Guleria, Creative Producer, Post Office Studios, said, "We were very excited to create this nearly 4-minute long 3D film for a brand that is as universally loved, the Lego Brand. Driven by the desire to convey a compelling story through multiple character animations, we set out to build an immersive, integrated campaign that would resonate with children across India. Collaborating with the Lego Group to contribute to their storytelling universe was both a privilege and a creatively fulfilling experience."

Pouresh Turel, Executive Producer, Post Office Studios, said, "The Lego brand is one that is synonymous with imagination. Our core focus was on nurturing the concept of a child's boundless imagination. We aimed to seamlessly weave Garry's story into the established Lego Ninjago universe, creating a challenging yet immensely rewarding narrative. Despite the constraints of time and various technical challenges, we’re proud to have created three pieces of cutting-edge immersive content that are bound by the singular idea of “Sparking one’s Imagination”.

Lego Ninjago campaign

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