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Making a marked shift from traditional advertising, Mankind Pharma’s Prega News decided to take over the digital space with its content marketing initiative #YourSecondHome for the first time in May 2017. The initiative for the pregnancy detection kit brand has been conceptualised and executed by ADK Fortune.

The first campaign was timed around Mother’s Day and informed the consumers on how one can make their offices friendlier for would-be mothers. The information can be obtained from the Prega News website and Facebook page.

Happy Mother’s Day campaign

The insight of the first initiative was generated from the fact that more and more women in India are now working till the last stage of their pregnancy. In fact, most of their hours are spent in the office. Little things such as uncomfortable furniture, nauseating food smell, inaccessibility to a toilet, etc., can really make their life difficult. So it has become really important for our workplaces to be very accommodative for such women in this phase of their life. The agenda of the campaign is to appreciate this aspect and generate awareness about the subject at workplaces.

Talking about the first campaign, RC Juneja, Chairman, Mankind Pharma, said, “Prega News is already the leading brand for quite some time. It now becomes the responsibility of the brand to take up relevant issues concerning pregnancy and how to handle pregnancy at the workplace, a pertinent issue that we wanted to address. This takes our corporate philosophy of serving lives further.”

In the first leg of the campaign, the brand launched a website,, that talks about the dos and don’ts of how companies could make their offices comfortable for pregnant employees and how should colleagues be helpful towards their pregnant colleagues.

Through the interactive website, any company can join the campaign and call the Mankind team for workshops at offices on the subject.

The target audience of the campaign are three kinds of people. One is the colleagues and how should they behave with pregnant peers. The second kind of target audience is the CxOs of the companies, who are the decision-makers at the office places. The third kind of people are the pregnant women themselves.

The second leg of #YourSecondHome campaign brings an important issue to light and endeavours to turn corporates into support groups for women with postpartum depression. As per research, one in five new moms in India suffers from postpartum depression and most of them join back work having not completely recovered from or aware that they are suffering from postpartum depression, making them prone to insecurity, irritability, loss in confidence and misunderstandings at the workplace. The second leg of #YourSecondHome content initiative brings this important issue to light and endeavours to turn corporates into support groups for women with postpartum depression

Happy Women’s Day campaign:

Commenting on the second leg of the campaign, Juneja said, “Last year, we took on the social responsibility of sensitising workplaces towards pregnant women. As a sequel to our corporate behaviour change effort, this time we wanted to speak to new moms making a comeback at work, which led us to postpartum depression and the taboo attached to it. Taking out the philosophy of serving life further, we decided to bring it to light.”

The second part of the initiative was timed around Women’s Day and was supported with other communication stimuli apart from the film. Details on postpartum depression and how one supports a woman suffering from it are also available on and Prega News facebook page.

The second part of the film garnered 26 million video views and a total of 381 thousand engagements.

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