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Product engagement and discovery platform Bzinga is all set to bring its gaming platform to its Hindi audiences, with a new show on Zee TV.

The show will premiere on February 12 and will air every Sunday at 5 pm on Zee TV.

The show aims to bring families together, celebrate their dreams and passions, and offer them an opportunity to compete and win prizes. The show will be aired on Zee TV, every Sunday at 5 pm and will bring an interactive combination of the big screen and a mobile application. A viewer can also play along from their mobile application while enjoying the TV show and win prizes.

The ongoing second season of the Bzinga Family Festival on Zee Keralam has made winners out of people from all walks of life.

Bzinga is all poised to expand its wings and bring the experience to its Hindi audiences.

Samir Gupta, the Chief Business Officer at Bzinga, added, “At Bzinga, we take pride in celebrating the human spirit of achievements. Our goal has always been to develop a platform that is not only exciting and entertaining, but also gives our users a sense of accomplishment. The Hindi show is a manifestation of the positive response we have received so far, and we are only committed to building on this journey and celebrating lives across languages and markets.”

Actors Kavin Dave and Sunita Rajwar have been roped in to anchor the first season.

“My journey as an actor has been very fruitful, and I cannot thank my audience enough for their love and support. I hope that I do justice to this amazing opportunity in my new stint as an anchor. It will be really exciting to share the stage with an artist of Sunita ji’s caliber. The format of the show is extremely engaging and I am sure that the audiences would love it,” Kavin said.

Sunita said, “My stint at the National School of Drama made me love the stage and the live audience. You are at your vulnerable best under the spotlight. I have worked with Zee before, and am extremely excited for this opportunity with Bzinga. I have never anchored a full-fledged show, but with Kavin by my side, this ride is sure to be an exhilarating one.”