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Programmatic advertising company Vertoz recently launched native advertising solutions in India with a special focus on regional traffic. With the launch of this new platform, Vertoz offers brands native advertising campaigns across a variety of regional news publishers and informative blogs in over 10 Indian languages.

Native advertising is an innovative way of showcasing your brand in tandem with the content of the platform it is advertised in. This non-intrusive way of blending advertising with the content seamlessly as per the webpage’s or app’s overall look and feel and does not interrupt users while they are surfing the internet. This makes native ads an attractive option for advertisers as it enables them to provide better brand experience to their customers.

The new platform will focus on the untapped market of regional languages. As per a recent KPMG report, by 2021, India is expected to have 536 million regional language internet users as opposed to 199 million for English. Thus, Vertoz is now able to cater to rural and semi-urban audiences, which constitute 40-50% of the user base of India.

Complementing this native advertising platform, Vertoz’s publisher-centric arm PubNX will work with the regional publishers and connect them to Vertoz’s pool of advertisers along with other programmatic demand. PubNX empowers publishers by enabling smarter monetisation through its proprietary Yield Optimiser and server-side header bidding solutions.

Commenting on the launch, Vertoz’s Founder and CEO, Ashish Shah, said, “Customers are accustomed to the deluge of digital ads. This has given rise to problems such as ad blindness and ad fatigue. Additionally, if the ad appears too frequently or is too loud, it lowers the brand’s appeal in the eyes of users. Through our native advertising solutions, we aim to solve this problem for brands and provide a better user experience to the audiences.”

“Along with users, native ads are beneficial to both advertisers as well as publishers. Advertisers benefit from native ads as they deliver higher performance, while publishers enjoy greater control over the appearance of their websites/apps. Thus, it is a win-win for the entire ecosystem,” added Shah.