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The gaming specialist unit of Publicis Content India, in association with Rooter, found a new way to celebrate the role of mothers in gaming by hosting a virtual session titled ‘Mummy G (G for Gamers),’.

The aim was to make it a platform for Publicis Content and three leading mom gamers who are challenging stereotypes and redefining the concept of motherhood within the gaming realm, typically considered a young, male-dominated domain.

The session saw the participation of three mothers - Reetu Slathia, Karabi Pal and Shikha Chaudhary, who spoke about their personal journeys into the gaming world. 

They shed light on the social stigmas surrounding gaming, offered insights into new rituals for personal and family time, and discussed the pivotal role that brands can play in nurturing this emerging ecosystem.

The discussion also ventured beyond personal experiences and delved into older mom gamers' unique challenges. It addressed how families and social circles react to their gaming passion and any discrimination or judgment encountered due to their age or gender

Hari Krishnan, Content Practice Head, Publicis Groupe India, said, “We are thrilled to celebrate the new-age gamer moms through the ‘Mummy G’ initiative. At Publicis Content, we believe that gaming is for everyone, regardless of age or gender. This session provided us with an opportunity to understand the unique challenges that moms face while gaming. We hope this will inspire more women to explore the gaming world and embrace it as a form of entertainment, social connection and even a career path. We also hope that brands realize the potential of this growing ecosystem and broaden their definition of a gamer.”

The ‘Mummy G’ initiative is a part of Publicis Content India’s ongoing efforts to promote inclusivity and diversity within the gaming industry.