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Pulpkey, the influencer marketing company, has announced its entry into the infotainment content creation space by launching Pulpkey Flick and has created the show, ‘History of Influencer Marketing’. 

The 10-minute show is curation and documentation of how influencer marketing started. The video starts showing notes about the first influencer collaboration that dates to 1760 when the British potter Josiah Wedgewood made tea sets for Queen of England. It shows information about how Michael Jordan took up the Nike deal just before he was about to sign up with Adidas.

The video features different aspects and talks about the sub-industry of influencer marketing where we see the most aged influencer, who is 92, as well as a segment around pet influencer.

Amit Mondal, Founder of Pulpkey, said, "We're avid film enthusiastic folks working behind Pulpkey. We wanted to pick this subject as our first episode as we truly believe in influencer marketing. We have been working with influencers, brand managers for the last three years and hence we wanted to document the history of it and present it in an interactive format."

He added, "Infotainment is a growing industry and our online community is very strong on our Instagram and Twitter. We'll soon explore different kind of topics under Pulpkey Flicks, which will have stories around artists, current industry, pop culture, documentary, etc."

Pulkit Sharma from Pulpkey, who edited the video, said, “It took us over 15 days to create the storyboard and the entire flow. We focussed on stories not only globally but in India as well.” 

The video:

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