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Punjabi emerged as one of the most preferred regional languages with 24.3% of Indian users opting for it in a survey conducted by IPLIX Media, an influencer marketing and talent management agency.

The agency has released insights from IPLIX Content Consumption Survey, which reveal that among the popular international languages, Korean took the top spot, validating K-Pop’s craze in India.

As per the survey, in terms of time spent on platforms, YouTube took the lead, followed by Instagram and Snapchat. 

The survey on content consumption patterns saw participation from 14.6k respondents. Out of the 14.6k+ respondents, the majority came from Metro cities (40.6%), closely followed by Tier-II cities at 35.2%. Also, 86.8% of the respondents were Gen-Z (less than 25 years of age). 

With the growing affinity for regional languages, Punjabi emerged as one of the most preferred regional languages with 24.3% of users opting for it, along with Marathi at 9.9%.

The data also divulged that comedy was the most popular content category, followed by Travel and Technology closely following behind, with 42.7% and 42.6% respectively.

In terms of emerging categories, infotainment (43.3%) and gaming (31.1%) were revealed as most-consumed categories. According to the survey, 52.5% of respondents spend an average of 2-4 hours of their day on social media.

In further bifurcation, 57.3% of people consume 5-15 minutes duration content on YouTube and 54.3% consume short-form content (reels) the most on Instagram. 

Neel Gogia, Co-founder of IPLIX Media LLP, said, “Creator Economy is growing at a scale which none of us could have imagined and content is the biggest contributing factor behind it. We at IPLIX Media believe in the power of content and are constantly working with brands and content creators to bring the best quality content to the audience. This content consumption survey is also an initiative towards the same vision and mission. We came up with it to help our stakeholders- brands and content creators, understand the audience and their changing preferences better. In my opinion, we have just scratched the surface so far. Going forward, we would want to be associated with initiatives that help us push the needle further in order to achieve the untouched potential of content.”

Manish Pandey, Start-up and content creator mentor, said, “Kudos to Neel Gogia and IPLIX Media for undertaking such a great initiative to understand the content consumption patterns of the audience better. Creator Ecosystem is a dynamic space and is changing with each passing day, therefore, it’s important to keep an eye on the ever-changing trends. I am certain that this data survey will add value in the life of marketers and content creators and help them design content that appeals to the audience.”