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Marketing technology firm Qoruz has launched a new influencer intelligence product, Recon. This latest addition to Qoruz’s product suite claims to help marketers get better insights into every influencer for their brand, competitor and the industry.

Recon is currently available for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube and will be available for other social networks in the coming months.

Praanesh Bhuvaneshwar, Chief Executive Officer, Qoruz, said, “We are very excited to bring Recon to the marketers who have always wondered if they are engaging the right kind of influencers. Presently, marketers use social listening tools that draw insights from metrics based on the content mentions but has limited relevancy when it comes to measuring the influencers. Now they can use data analytics and artificial intelligence to create more impact”.

Explaining about Recon, a press statement from Qoruz said that Recon provides intelligence based on historical data and helps evaluate influencers and their effectiveness more accurately and in real-time. It also allows marketers to analyze campaigns at influencer level, track overall brand-influencer health and benchmark influencer led campaigns against competitors.

“We have already seen a great response for the product from Brands, PR and digital agencies in beta stage, and we are positive that it will change the way influencer marketing industry works in no time”, Praanesh added. 

Prabakaran B, Chief Technology Officer, Qoruz, commented, “With the help of the Qoruz Engine, for the first time, marketers can unlock new data on the influencers, like their Sphere of Influence, a complete view of what kind of audience they have, their demography, interests etc. That’s something every marketer needs to find the right influencer but they didn’t have. Now they can get all that information with a single click!”