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Qoruz has launched an exclusive programme ‘Qoruz for agencies’, which aims to equip marketing agencies with data and automation-led tools and resources and help them set up centralised influencer marketing operations, at no cost. Agency professionals are registered with the programme can get full access to 274,711 influencers in the ever-growing base of influencers, and also enlist and onboard their team. Whitelisted agency teams also get early access to direct influencer reach-out and further features that are deployed exclusively.

To activate influencer marketing campaigns quicker, without having to scrum through Google or social media, Qoruz had earlier launched ‘Qoruz Search’, which enabled marketers quick access to influencers, throwing larger results that were beyond regularly used influencers across different niches and categories.

Praanesh Bhuvaneswar, Co-Founder and CEO, said, “As a part of our ongoing efforts to build a seamless platform for marketers, we have launched this programme. We aim to empower agencies across social, digital and PR specialisations, to communicate and engage with influencers independent of third-party vendors and thus unlock more value with tighter engagements.”

With this streamlined program, agency personnel who are getting white-listed access will realise an improved overall experience such as:

  • Full access to over 274,711 Indian influencers from 100 categories and million topics
  • Connect and reach out to influencers directly
  • Collaborate and work with their teams to co-create influencer plans and campaigns
  • Get access to 100+ curated influencer lists across genres, including finance, parenting, etc.

“For agencies working with multiple clients across different industries, a one-size-fits-all approach may not work for clients' influencer campaigns. Finding the right influencers seems to still be a daunting task for professionals. Our goal is to build the software ecosystem that forms the base of all campaign planning and influencer engagements, by enabling quicker connections. Over time, the features built around the Qoruz Agency Acces, will enable teams to operate and plan campaigns, without having the need to pick up the phone, and dial a vendor or maybe even an influencer,” said Prabakaran, Co-Founder and CTO.

To avoid an influencer data breach, the Qoruz team verifies the agency and white-lists the teams to get ‘Agency Access’ to the entire team. The team promises to get an agency verified in less than five minutes and unlock the full potential of the Qoruz platform.