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Cred is presenting ‘The Art of Everything’, an 8-part exclusive masterclass series that brings the most successful, and the most cherished experts from a variety of fields to tell you their secrets of success in under 2 minutes.

Ravi Shastri or Shaz or more popularly known as Mr Partyman, in his indomitable style, opens about his life philosophy. So, if you are struggling to find the elusive work-life balance, look no further than Cred’s The Art of Everything.

The first episode of the series dropped on Cred’s Instagram and will be live on YouTube. 

So what are some of the highlights from this ‘pep talk’ the audience needs: for the rest watch the video.

“Work hard, play harder, party hardest (if you need more proof of this just refer to CRED X Ravi Shastri for inspiration).”

“Focus on Y.O.L.O, not sorry bolo - perhaps the most relevant take from this. When in doubt, remember it's your life to live like you want, everything else is a ‘them’ problem.”

“Broad shoulders help” 

The Art of Everything is a satirical take on online masterclasses that claim to equip one with life-altering skills at the end of a few sessions, for a large subscription fee. With Cred featuring subject matter experts in each 2-minute episode, the series will deep dive into a range of topics from the ‘Art of Staying Not Out’ to the ‘Art of Perfecting the Bare Minimum’. The ultimate goal? To enlighten people on possibly everything they ever wanted to learn. For free.

In eight episodes, viewers will see iconic personalities in their truest element - divulging secrets, sharing anecdotes, and embracing their oddities. All things that make up a much-loved masterclass. Will these instructors pack the entirety of their art for the attention span of the web? Will students be left scratching their heads at the end?