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Over the years, the concept of a family in India has seen changes. For the longest possible time, a ‘normal’ Indian family was considered as one that comprised two parents and their children. However, with the rise of ‘DINK’ and single-parent families in India, the very idea of traditional families is changing.

It is in this context that a real estate brand has come up with a thought-provoking campaign about coming home to those you love, even if they don’t fit the idea of a conventional family and don’t meet conventional expectations. Through this campaign, Mahindra Lifespaces, the real estate and infrastructure development arm of the Mahindra Group, highlights how, no matter what your definition of ‘family’ is, coming back home to the ones you love is always a joyful homecoming.

This is the second video of the campaign ‘Joyful homecoming’ created by Gozoop for the brand.

The video:

As part of joyful homecomings, a young couple is shown entering their house for the first time after their wedding. The only difference: both are women.

Despite the Supreme Court lifting the ban on consensual gay sex in 2018, the campaign has received mixed reactions online. Viewers have reacted strongly to the video, which has earned both praise and backlash, effectively dividing netizens.

A number of people have expressed their displeasure at the depiction of a same-sex couple in the video.

At the opposite end of the spectrum, Menaka Guruswamy and Arundhati Katju, Senior Advocates at the Supreme Court and leading advocates in the Section 377 verdict; and Harish Iyer, a leading Indian equal rights activist and columnist at The Indian Express, have extended their support to the campaign and its core message: Love has no boundaries.

In the first video of the campaign, on the occasion of Mother’s Day, a wife receives the gift of parenthood in the form of an adorable puppy, thus opening a vista of a whole new kind of motherhood.

The video:

This is the first time that an Indian real estate brand has moved beyond conventional and delved into the subject of ever-evolving, modern relationships. The campaign demonstrates an implicit understanding of the evolving customer mindset and landscape, which is challenging stereotypes and paving the way for new-age thinking that transcends societal boundaries. It ties in well with the core proposition of the brand ‘Joyful Homecomings’.

Ahmed Aftab Naqvi, CEO and Co-Founder, Gozoop, said, "Ideas without execution is nothing but an illusion. The success of this campaign lies as much in its solid execution as in the disruptive idea that connects with the evolved homebuyer."

Speaking about the evolving nature of homes, people and relationships in modern times, Sunil Sharma, Chief Customer Officer at MLDL, said, "Mahindra Lifespaces cuts across multiple segments of consumers with its offerings and its brand promise of Joyful Homecomings. Consumers are evolving with every passing year in their tastes, preferences, likes, dislikes, etc. Brands need to change as well to stay relevant and to stay connected with their audiences. Sometimes they follow their audiences and sometimes they lead their audiences. Fortunately for us at Mahindra Lifespaces, we do have a very strong emphasis on embracing and practising diversity, helped by our group outlook on the subject of diversity as well. Joyful Homecomings are not a one-time occasion but for us a journey that starts with the first enquiry and goes on into the day to day living stage and the lives of our customers. The films are a slice of life from our evolving audiences and growing definition of what constitutes Joyful Homecomings."

"It is surprising to see that while relationships inside a home are evolving and the dynamics are changing, the sector that deals with it as its core business has shied away from speaking about it. Till now, I have seen real estate brands focus on traditional norms of a relationship and a perfect family, leaving very little room for newer conversations or perspectives. With this campaign, our aim is to initiate a dialogue that acknowledges and celebrates the changes that are defining our society. Mahindra Lifespaces is a progressive brand and I am glad that they have been open to our unconventional ideas. The campaign has created quite a spark and has initiated polarising conversations, which is great because it is only through the exchange of thoughts that we will be able to bring about much-needed change," said Amyn Ghadiali, Director, Strategy, Gozoop.