Red Bull Media House and Supari Studios reveal story behind Emiway's ‘Machayenge'

The episode showcases Emiway's unique writing process and technical insights that went behind making this song, which has garnered over 190 million views

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Content studio Supari Studios has launched the second leg of its documentary series ‘Story Behind The Song’, breaking down Indian rapper Emiway Bantai’s most famous song, ‘Machayenge’. The film is created in association with Red Bull Media House.

The video of the second episode:

The episode showcases Emiway’s unique writing process and technical insights that went behind making this song, which has garnered over 150 million views to date.

Supari Studios has used mix-media and animation to narrate the story, thereby exhibiting the power-packed personality and infectious energy of the hip-hop artist. It talks about how songs can be a product of sheer coincidence and it further delves into the technicalities of music-making. For the first time ever, Emiway’s fans get a sneak peek into his house and personal studio, through this film.

The first episode of this docu-series released a year ago and covered the song ‘Udd Gaye’ by Ritviz.

Commenting on the thought behind this film, Prem Kumar, Director of the Film and Creative Director at Supari Studios, said, “Emiway is a master storyteller. A brief conversation with him made us understand that the track, ‘Machayenge’, was a product of coincidence. We wanted to tell the story of how the various situations and collaborators came together at the right time to make this track happen. 151 million organic views is no small feat for an independent artist in India. Emiway’s tracks have regularly crossed platforms and have huge fan followings.”

He added, “Through this film, we get into Emiway’s mind to understand his writing process. We get to explore how the beat was produced and gives voice to the mind behind the music producer, Tony James. We tried best to let Emiway’s character naturally influence the tone of the film and he gets to flex his acting chops through the unique treatment developed for this film.”

 Emiway Bantai was also featured in Supari Studios’ three-episode documentary series, The Mind Behind, last year.

Prachi Vasant, Senior Creative Producer, Supari Studios, said, “This was my second time working with Emiway Bantai on a documentary; the first being another collaboration with Red Bull Media House called ‘The Mind Behind’. In the first episode of The Mind Behind, we explored Emiway's mind and how he reacts to extraordinary situations unique to his profession. With ‘Story Behind The Song’, we got to break down his process with a specific song ‘Machayenge’. Since this song has reached such milestones for him professionally, it was a treat to cover the process that went behind its making. We wanted to retain Emiway’s authentic creative style which is why the tone of the film is light and quirky. We also wanted to give the viewers an insight into his personality and being able to shoot at his home and studio helped us capture this essence in his natural habitat.”

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