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Reebok associated with multiple sneaker enthusiasts for their #ReebokSneakerFest campaign, which was done to promote the brand’s sale event SneakerFest 2.0. The brand is targeting young people, majorly those between 14-30 years of age, and it amplified the coverage on Instagram through ‘sneakerheads’. 

The campaign has a reach of over 500 million and it is estimated that the brand spent between Rs 8-10 Lakh on it.

Reebok associated with social media influencers, or sneakerheads, like Anisha Sethi, Shereen, Zerxes Wadia, Shakti Singh Yadav, Anushka Menon, and Kayaan Contractor. Most of the influencers used for the campaign were between the age of 18-30, this works perfectly for the brand as the product targets millennials. 

Kanika Nijhawan, Brand Director, Reebok India, said the sneaker market in India is growing continuously. With their changed lifestyle, people want to merge style with flexibility and this is where the full power of the brand is unleashed. 

“Now we can very well see how sneakers, which were primarily designed for sports/exercising are now being widely used for everyday casual wear for the comfort and style that they provide. Speaking of SneakerFest 2.0, since it was primarily an online and social-led initiative, we were mainly targeting millennials who are driving the growth of Sneaker-culture in India,” she said. 

To further push the merger between style and sports, the campaign included a lookbook activity where influencers were seen incorporating sneakers with their personal everyday styles/looks. 

According to Vishal Mehra, Digital Head - North, DDB Mudra Group, “While we see a lot of influencer marketing activations happening around, our idea of creating a lookbook was a subtle way to enlighten people about the distinct looks they can actually relate with, and try it realistically while wearing the same sneaker. We filtered out renowned influencers to display various looks and the activity became more like an initiative than an activation to connect with the audience and communicate about the tons of looks they can create by repeating the same sneakers and even attires.” 

Mehra added that the brief from the brand focused on increasing the sneaker sale and it also asked them to creatively capitalise on a non-discounted window in the e-commerce space and direct user traffic there.

The influencers were chosen keeping in mind their love for sneakers and how big of a ‘sneakerhead’ they were in reality. Mehra stated that the aim was to make SneakerFest 2.0 - the biggest sneaker sale campaign for Reebok at the end of the year.

Some Instagram posts of the campaign 


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