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Beauty brand Renee Cosmetics has unveiled a new web series – ‘The Beauty Start-up’. The web series will stream on the new dedicated YouTube channel by the same name, ‘The Beauty Start-up’, and can be accessed for free. 

The series is conceptualised to answer all the queries of people who wonder what exactly goes into building a new-age business.

Through the web series the brand aims to show the hustle, the struggles, the success and also the failures that go into turning a small start-up into a multi-million dollar business.

The web series will have the brand co-founders- Ashutosh Valani, Aashka Goradia Goble, and Priyank Shah, featuring in its production.

The series will be majorly a documentary, with POV monologues in between. 

“In the new era, where start-up culture is thriving and is catching the eyeballs of every common man, there is a lot of curiosity among the aspirants around what goes behind the scene. Additionally, there are young minds that are still wondering about the feasibility, challenges, routine that one might have to lead while building a business. This series aims at answering all of it. It will bring people closer to an entrepreneur’s journey, and make them familiar with the adventure that it is to be a budding businessman. This is expected to inspire those who wish to take that leap of faith, but are somewhere hesitant,” Valani, Co-Founder and Director, Renee Cosmetics, said.

The Beauty Start-up will release one video every week for its audience on the channel and will have a total of five episodes in season 1.