Riot Games, Nodwin Gaming team up with Post Office Studios to animate music video for Valorant Conquerors Championship 2022 anthem

The anthem for the second iteration of the VCC 2022, ‘Nahi Hora Kya' written and performed by Seedhe Maut and composed by Sez On The Beat

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Animation and new media tech studio, Post Office Studios, has collaborated with esports and gaming company Nodwin Gaming, along with Riot Games, to create an animated music video for the Valorant Conquerors Championship (VCC) 2022 anthem.

The anthem for the second iteration of the VCC 2022, ‘Nahi Hora Kya’ written and performed by Seedhe Maut and composed by Sez On The Beat, both avid Valorant players themselves, has a vibrant and upbeat tone.

Calling out to the Valorant gaming community across South Asia and stirring excitement for the VCC event—where the video game enthusiasts meet and compete—the hip-hop track expresses the spirit of gaming impactfully.

With a compelling storyline for the music video, the collective of designers, animators and visual effects artists at Post Office Studios had their work cut out to translate it into a multicultural moving image by depicting key Valorant champions and symbols representing the game.

The animated video showcases the four renowned South Asian Valorant players—SK Rossi, HSB, SSSAMI, HIKKA from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka, respectively, busy in their mundane lives. However, they are drawn towards a wild and adventurous chase for The Spike and eventually shown rushing through diverse terrain challenges for an ultimate faceoff.

Aditya Tawde, CCO and Co-founder of Post Office Studios and the Chief Director for the project, said, “Team Nodwin approached us in December 2021 to create a music video for Valorant’s catchy anthem, and we were excited about this opportunity! The entire process was a thrilling journey—from designing characters that closely represent their real-life counterparts while matching their gaming personality to ensuring that the shot breakdowns do justice to the overall concept. Besides, since this was a mammoth project with 75 shots to animate, we knew Toonz would be the best fit and working asynchronous with them helped us maintain consistency on the video. Plus, having the right processes, meeting cadence, and communication eventually helped us through the challenges without compromising the end result! Moreover, this project saw all the teams collaborate passionately, promoting the kind of unity we see amongst Valorant fans and players.”

Vishal Shekar, Creative Director and Consultant for the project, said, “It felt surreal when Sukhmani from NODWIN approached me to chalk down a concept note for the VCC tournament. I have been an ardent gamer for years, and I never imagined my love for gaming and passion for filmmaking would lead me to this exciting project. I was extremely thrilled to be a part of it. Our video concept was built around the idea of showing a gamer evolve from Iron to Radiant level, and the core theme was to showcase a gamer’s never-backing-out attitude.”

“Our thought was so skilfully executed by Aditya and Tintu from Post Office Studios in such a short span that it's really commendable. The video wouldn’t have been so well-appreciated without their effort. And last but not least, the real charm lies in the great composition by Seedhe Maut and Sez. Their lyrics have taken the video to the next level and made it so relatable for the Valorant community. It was truly the most enjoyable and one-of-a-kind project,” he added.

Sukhmani Singh, Head of Content, Nodwin Gaming, said, “Post Office Studios proved to be great partners for NODWIN to bring on board for this animated anthem, which was a first in the country! The team not only worked through some crazy timelines and pressure to make this a reality but also ensured that the quality and design of the film did not suffer. I look forward to working with them again.”

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