Royal DSM's Nu-Shakti campaign #ShaktiBadhao takes content route to educate mothers about right nutrients

The campaign launched on Mother's Day included a live session through social media with a specialist on the importance of right nutrition. The brand engaged with micro- and nano-influencers from the mother's community in sparking online conversations

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Commemorating Mother’s Day, Nu-Shakti – a brand of Royal DSM – has launched the #ShaktiBadhao campaign to salute all mothers who nurture their families. The digital community engagement campaign is aimed at empowering mothers by educating them about the role of micronutrients in ensuring better nutrition and good health of the entire family.

As part of its campaign, Nu-Shakti organised live sessions for mothers with Dr Sivaranjani Ganapathy, Director, Amato, Women Health Coach, Wellness on Facebook, Instagram and other online platforms. These interactive sessions revolved around empowering mothers with additional measures in nurturing healthy families. The sessions saw more than 1,000 mothers sharing their views and enquiring about new ways to increase immunity, boosting nutrition, using healthy recipes, etc.  

Moreover, a mom-to-mom awareness model has been designed, wherein a group of mothers spread the message about the importance of micronutrients in increasing their child’s Shakti or energy. Furthermore, the brand engaged with micro- and nano-influencers from the mother’s community in sparking online conversations. The #ShaktiBadhao messaging was seeded in closed micro-communities and WhatsApp groups comprising mothers.

High nutritional deficiencies in India affect women and children the most. Studies indicate that 74% of infants and 52% of married women suffer from anaemia. Besides, around 44% children below five years are underweight. Kids being fussy eaters, mothers struggle to ensure they receive the right nutrients through their favourite foods.

This digital community engagement highlights the brand’s commitment towards building a sustainable food system and ensuring good health for the entire family. Besides, it strengthens the power of mothers to provide better nutrition for their family by enhancing their knowledge about various micronutrients and their benefits for the child’s overall growth.

Alok Kohli, Business Director, DSM India, said, “Mothers play an incredible role in the well-being of their children and families, right from effortlessly managing household chores to providing them nutrition. The #ShaktiBadhao campaign salutes the Shakti in every house – mothers – while enabling them to take care of their families’ nutritional needs. Through Nu-Shakti’s #ShaktiBadhao community engagement campaign, we are harnessing the exponential power of aggregation on social media platforms, motivating mothers’ fraternities in sharing experiences about addressing their children and families’ nutritional needs.”

The campaign invites mothers to participate in a digital competition and share their best tips and unique approach in preparing nutritious foods. Through this campaign, Nu-Shakti is reaching out to more than three lakh mothers, empowering them as their family’s Nutrition Ambassadors armed with holistic nutrition awareness.

Royal DSM's Nu-Shakti campaign #ShaktiBadhao