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RVCJ, a digital publisher of content, memes and sketches on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube, has partnered with Digital Sauce, a creative agency based in Bangalore and Mumbai.

Digital Sauce will spearhead and consult on the brand and content strategy for all of RVCJ’s branded campaigns.

Shahid Javed Ansari, Founder, RVCJ, said, “Over the time, we have learnt to read the needs of the market and always have a pulse on what is happening on social media. But we were on the lookout for a creative think tank to shape this market intelligence into useful content tailor-made to fit creative briefs from brands, and this is where a think tank like Digital Sauce comes into the picture.”

Digital Sauce builds on market intelligence about topical themes and trends provided by RVCJ to create highly shareable videos, sketches, memes and articles, to create a 360-degree campaign to suit a brand’s objectives.

Digital Sauce’s in-house team includes experienced brand strategists, sales professionals, and creative talent, including art directors, animators, videographers, copywriters, and digital marketing experts with many years working with Indian and international clients.