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In a bid to revive tourism in Kerala after the recent devastating floods, Samsonite has launched a content initiative #KeralaIsOpen. Considering that a substantial segment of Kerala’s employment is generated from tourism, this sudden decline massively affected people whose livelihood depends on the sector.

As a part of the #KeralaIsOpen initiative, the travel brand portrays the essence of Kerala through an impactful short film. This beautifully rendered video captures the essence of every individual involved in the tourism sector — taxi drivers, lodge managers, elephantmahoutsand others —eagerly waiting to welcome their guests.

The initiative’s mission is to remind travellers of the beauty of Kerala and to inspire them to come together and revive tourism in the state.

Anushree Tainwala, Executive Director, Marketing, Samsonite South Asia, said, “Through this campaign, we hope more and more people travel to Kerala. We want people to recognise that the only thing more unique than Neelakurinjiis the heart of the people in Kerala.So let’s now embrace the spirit of the people and travel to Kerala because #KeralaIsOpen.”

The film: