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Samsung Electronics has collaborated with director Na Hong-jin to create the short film titled “Faith,” which tells a complex story about an incident with an armed man who is struggling with the notion that one’s value is not absolute.

Recorded entirely on the Galaxy S23 Ultra, it is part of the Filmed #withGalaxy campaign that provides prominent film directors with opportunities to shoot with Samsung Galaxy S series to help encourage all Galaxy users to express their creativity.

Hong-jin is known for movies including "The Chaser," "The Yellow Sea" and "The Wailing," and his signature style often reflects dark imagery, horror and Mise-en-Scène to create suspense and excitement.

For “Faith,” Hong-jin leveraged various videography features on Galaxy S23 Ultra to produce images and clear details, even while filming in low light.

“I wanted to show that I can make clips that are of a professional level with the Galaxy S23 Ultra,” said Hong-jin, “and this experience was overall very interesting and exciting.” He added, “I believe that a big advantage was that I was able to capture movements vividly and easily through any angle on the Galaxy S23 Ultra, which would have otherwise been impossible by a larger camera.”

Film director Chung Jung-Hoon, who worked with Hong-jin on “Faith,” said he “tried to reduce the lighting even further to highlight the dark atmosphere as though I was filming a regular movie, and to my surprise, the details were alive. The HDR function of the Galaxy S23 Ultra helped me to shoot dark sections.”

“Even when the camera was constantly moving, it did not lose focus,” said Jung-Hoon, “and what was surprising about the Galaxy S23 Ultra was that the 120-frame was able to express a very natural motion blur and speed just as well as a high-speed professional camera.”