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Liberate your children of expectations and set them free to be individuals of their own choice. This is ace tennis player Sania Mirza’s message in a latest video content initiative of Kellogg’s India in collaboration with Culture Machine’s digital channel.

In an honest and heartfelt narrative, Mirza dispenses advice to her soon to-be-born baby — whether it is rejecting gender norms and stereotypes, shrugging off the pressure that the child might be facing because of his or her famed parentage, or that of having the conviction to choose their own calling. In the video, Mirza echoes the notion of many other mothers like her who believe a child should be free to choose his/her own path.

For the first time, we see Mirza not as an 'ace tennis player' or a 'cricketer's wife', but just another mother. She conveys the message to her unborn child, “You are free to follow your dreams, to pick your own and to choose your calling.”


In the end, other women are unanimously seen promising their child, "You will always be free to nourish your dreams."

Sumit Mathur

Sumit Mathur, Director Marketing, (CMO) India, Kellogg Company, believes, “Today’s generation is living in a disruptive entrepreneurial age. The barometer that defined the norms of success and achievement in the society has moved away from conventional careers to people following their own passions. When I came across this opportunity, I thought it was a great way to celebrate #NourishYourDreams where a mother reassures her future child that she will continue to nourish his/her dreams despite pressure from peers and society.”

Sharique Khan

Sharique Khan, Vice-President, Brand Solutions, Culture Machine, echoes the thought, “It is natural to be guided by parents because it is from them that the child first learns about themselves and their world. However, if the parent doesn’t encourage the child to find a voice of his/her own as they grow into adults, it limits the spectrum of their experiences in life. And it is this connection, between parent and child, which harmoniously brought Kellogg’s vision, Sania Mirza’s personal philosophy, and the storytelling of Blush together for this video.”

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