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Zing as a channel is skewed towards the youth. Keeping in line with the channel’s philosophy, Zing recently introduced the 11th season of its popular show ‘Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya’, showcasing new-age love.

To gain maximum mileage from the channel’s target audience, homegrown sanitary pad brand Paree partnered with the show’s launch campaign to strengthen their connection with youth. This association is a step in advocating an open dialogue about menstruation and talking about real issues faced by women such as heavy flow, mood swings, etc. The integration with PTKK is an attempt to reach out to youth who are the changemakers and trendsetters of today and never shy away from following their heart.

The show captures the true sentiments of the characters having a candid conversation about menstruation and understanding the physical and mental discomfort of heavy flow, cramps and PMS she endures. Whether it is an interaction between two girls where one advises the other to use Paree Sanitary Pads for her heavy flow or between a girl and boy where the boy buys Paree Sanitary Pads for the girl and becomes an active part of the period conversation, the whole environment depicts the progressive outlook and approach towards the periods. 

Content marketing was the focus of the first leg of the launch campaign of the show wherein Zing brought in young influencers who carried forward this conversation with #DearLove. Anubhav Bassi, Ansh Pandit, Nidhi Narwal to Saloni Gaur, who all have a very strong follower base among young India, took to Instagram and created short videos in their own style titled #DearLove. Soon, this conversation was all over the internet. People joined in by making their own versions of #DearLove. The campaign got 7.68 million views across social media and YouTube. The conversations addressed to #DearLove were in the form of videos, messages, reels and everyone joined in to say something to love, amassing 21.2 million impressions and a reach of 14 million.

To make it even more fun, Zing launched a Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya filter on Instagram. The filter had messages from love itself. The responses left people smiling because of its high relatability and quirkiness. People joined in curiously to know what love has in store for them. The filter received 300K impressions within three days of its launch and was used by 35K users within this time period. Apart from the above, Zing caught on to the popularity of doodle art among and created comic strips as a teaser for each episode. The comic strips received a phenomenal response from the audience as they were widely shared by the youth.

Welcoming Paree on the show, Ashish Sehgal, Chief Growth Officer, ZEEL, said, “We are delighted to associate with Paree for this season of Zing’s flagship property Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya, a show that has received immense love from the youth over the last six years and 10 seasons. This association attempts at raising awareness levels on menstrual hygiene issues and reducing inhibitions among the youth, resulting in much-needed, progressive conversations on the topic and is a great example of the value Zee delivers through its unmatched customer-centric solutions.”

“Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya is a show that is attuned to the pulse of the young generation. Similarly, we at Paree understand the many avatars of the modern Indian woman and bring products that make a positive difference in her life.  So, this association is a coming together of two such voices to present a progressive take on menstruation,” said Sahil Dharia, Founder and CEO, Paree.

The latest season includes 15-episode show, wherein Paree has been integrated into five episodes with the different love stories. Each episode is a one-hour duration airing every Saturday 7 pm on the channel.