Savlon Swasth India Mission unveils new anthem to promote hand hygiene

Emiway Bantai has written and composed the handwash anthem for Savlon Swasth India Mission

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Savlon Swasth India Mission has brought together the children of The Dharavi Dream Project and rap artist Emiway Bantai to present ‘Haath Dhona Cool Hai’ - an anthem that taps into hip hop culture to encourage hand hygiene amongst young India. 

Savlon Swasth India Mission, in its first collaboration with The Dharavi Dream Project, engages and empowers their children as community change ambassadors to further establish that washing hands is a universal practice to prevent the spread of diseases.

The campaign ‘Haath Dhona Cool Hai’ converts this simple yet significant cultural nuance of hip hop, into a cool promotion that not only encourages youngsters to more readily adopt the ritual of hand hygiene but also helps redefine the mundane task as an engaging and cool thing to do.

Bantai has written and composed the Handwash Anthem for Savlon Swasth India Mission. He gained widespread recognition for his unique style and catchy lyrics. His raw, authentic style has helped build a dedicated fanbase in India.

Sameer Satpathy, Divisional Chief Executive, Personal Care Products Business, ITC, said, "Handwashing plays a pivotal role in maintaining overall health. ITC’s Savlon Swasth India Mission has been at the forefront of inculcating hand hygiene as a habit and continues to innovate with its communication and product idea to enable this change. With the anthem Haath Dhona Cool Hai, Savlon Swasth India Mission taps into the cultural truth of the youth of today to make the simple but predominant style of the hand rub by rap stars worldwide, an interesting and relatable symbol of washing hands. It is indeed a unique idea that makes washing hands a cool ritual.”

Bantai said, "This is genius! I never thought once that the rap style of rubbing hands could mean so much more. I’m excited for this collaboration with Savlon Swasth India Mission as it has done the unthinkable and I can state with full confidence that once you have seen it you will always connect it back to washing hands. I am really glad that Savlon Swasth India Mission spotted it to broach one of the simplest yet the most important conversations on health today - hand hygiene. Watch and groove to the beat of #HandwashLegends!

The Dharavi Dream Project team, as a collective exclaims, “Hand Hygiene is a must for all age groups and across strata of society. We are glad to be a part of this project of global importance and have a platform to express our point of view with Emiway through the foot tapping rap anthem for Savlon Swasth India Mission. Haath Dhona truly cool hai!”

Haath Dhona Cool Hai anthem:

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