SBI General and BC Web Wise create carousel sketch animation film to narrate story of a tobacco quitter

On World No Tobacco Day, many brands create communication that is fear-based and reinforce the negative effects of smoking. But in this case, the brand showcased simple ways to break the habit using replacement technique

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SBI General has launched a new campaign titled #QuitterBanaWinner. It is an Instagram carousel film created by BC Web Wise that narrates the story of a quitter through sketch animation on World No Tobacco Day.

SBI General and BC Web Wise took a fresh approach towards Anti-Smoking content this World No Tobacco Day. While most campaigns and communication in the category is fear-based, reinforcing the negative effects of smoking, the brand showcased simple ways to break the habit using replacement technique.

Nicotine cravings start usually 30 mins after the last cigarette and last for 5-10 minutes. Replacing it with some other activity, thereby distracting themselves, one can overcome the habit gradually. This was the base to develop #QuitterBanaWinner — the story of Mr Kumar, a quitter who turns into a winner.

The film is live on Instagram as a carousel, where one can swipe through the scenes of #QuitterBanaWinner; and also as a complete film on IGTV, YouTube and Facebook.

The full film:

Chaaya Baradhwaaj, Founder and MD, BC Web Wise, said, “BC Web Wise has a legacy of exploring fresh and innovative digital storytelling techniques, #QuitterBanaWinner is one such campaign where we’ve leveraged our in-house art talent and platform expertise to create a film that motivates a smoker to quit.”

Anthony Padayachi, Creative Director, BC Web Wise, said, “Right from the visual on a pack of cigarettes, to PSAs, there is enough communication about the ill-effects of smoking. We really wanted to create something that motivates the smoker to quit instead of instilling fear. #QuitterBanaWinner is the outcome of this thought.”

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