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India’s leading private life insurance brand SBI Life Insurance has launched a content initiative to power its 'Main Se Hum' brand proposition. Through a digital video series titled 'Real Life Real Stories', the brand will be showcasing inspirational stories of common people to connect with the youth of the country. Conceptualised by Watconsult, the initiative is an extension of SBI Life's ‘Main Se Hum’ campaign aimed at encouraging the youth to take on happy responsibilities.

The first digital video of the series, launched during Navratri, showcases the story of Pabiben Rabari whose Main Se Hum Ka Kadam is to happily take the responsibility of preserving the dying art of Rabari embroidery - one that has been passed down for over 400 years in the community. Pabiben's selfless act has in turn empowered the women of her community to be financially independent.

The film:

The subsequent 'Real Life Real Stories' digital videos will exhibit such noble steps taken by common people whose Main Se Hum Ka Kadam is towards the betterment of society at large. For instance, the second digital video is about Debojyoti Roy from West Bengal. He along with his team, have meticulously plotted a roadmap and guide for all key Durga pandals in Braille. This simple act has facilitated visually impaired people and senior citizens to be a part of the festivities and seek the goddesses' blessings. SBI Life will feature many such 'Real Life Real Stories' of unsung heroes this festive season.

Ravindra Sharma, SVP and Chief of Brand and Corporate Communications, SBI Life Insurance, said, "For India to truly benefit from its demographic dividend, her youth must be inspired with purpose. We hope the happy responsibility personified in 'Real Life Real Stories' of people like Pabiben and Debojyoti, can inspire the youth to make a meaningful difference to the society."

"The ‘Main Se Hum’ campaign has so far successfully captured the imagination of the youth to take on happy responsibilities towards their loved ones. We hope the extension of our campaign through 'Real Life Real Stories' instills the same sense of responsibility towards the community at large,” he added.

Each of the 'Real Life Real Stories' digital video has been shot in the local language of the protagonist, English subtitles have been later added to reach out to a larger audience.

"People emote the best in their own mother tongue and that is why we decided to shoot the videos in their respective languages. India is a country of diverse languages which adds to the flavor and vibrancy of each of these stories. Also emotion being a language that everyone understands, we don't think it is a deterrent for popularity," added Sharma.

Rajiv Dingra

Rajiv Dingra, Founder and CEO, Watconsult, said, "This festive season we thought of underlining the life journey of few persuasive people who mark the power of hard-work and passion, making their struggle remarkable in itself. And, what could be the best time to formulate this new thought. While, the entire country, in some or the other way, is seen celebrating the power of goodness, we are also rejoicing the tangible stories of these protagonists. In a very humble and inspiring way, the videos communicate the need of protecting the family in the best possible way with SBI Life Insurance's protection plans under their 'Main Se Hum' brand proposition."