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This Children’s Day, SBI Life Insurance released a heartwarming video of Mishti; an underprivileged child aspiring to be an astronaut, highlighting the importance of education in fueling such aspirations.

Mishti, represents the millions of children whose dreams need to be nurtured through the foundation of education to fuel the growth of our nation. SBI Life has joined hands with Udayan, a non-profit organisation, to support the education and holistic development of children belonging to leprosy-affected families. 

The company’s heart-warming digital video showcases a day in the life of Mishti; a young girl who resides in Udayan. The digital video opens up with a teacher entering the class and taking a roll call. Mishti, who is dressed in astronaut attire, inspires awe from all the other students, who wonder why she is dressed differently. The video then covers to show her day at school and light-hearted situations that occur on a regular basis on the school premises.

Then a voice is heard asking her, “Badey hokar kya banogey?” She smiles and instantly replies, “Astronaut”, the voice again asks her, “Astronaut bankar school jaana chahogey?” to which she responds excitedly. The video ends by spotlighting the fact that although she belongs to leprosy affected family, which is also associated with a social stigma, holistic education is a pillar that gives her the confidence to believe in the dream that she has thought for herself and her future.

The video:

Ravindra Sharma, Chief of Brand, Corporate Communication and CSR, SBI Life Insurance, said, “While there have been advances in all spheres of medical sciences, leprosy continues to be a public health challenge across the country. This apart, individuals affected with leprosy and their families are subjected to societal discrimination as leprosy is still associated with a social stigma.  It is heart-wrenching to see the families of the affected suffer, especially the children who are not accepted in mainstream society. We believe education is a tool which can give children an equal chance to live a normal life in mainstream society. Through our children’s day digital property, #DilBacchaTohSabAcha, we aim to highlight the importance of education in nurturing young minds and our collaboration with Udayan, a non-profit organisation, to promote holistic development amongst the children belonging to leprosy-affected families. The digital video through the story of Mishti; aims to emphasise how education can help overcome social mind blocks, to help children dream big and spread their wings.”

He further said, “Being a socially responsible organisation, we believe that we have an important role to play in aiding education and empowering the children as well as their families by taking a step towards their holistic development. We hope that SBI Life's ‘DilBacchaTohSabAcha’ campaign will help de-rooting the social stigma associated with leprosy and rally the cause of holistic education for all children regardless of their socio-economic background.”

Sahil Shah, Managing Partner, WATConsult, said, "Dentsu has always worked on campaigns that bring about a positive change, and this year's SBI Life’s Children’s Day campaign does just that. It has been planned to address the social stigma which is attached to people who are a part of the leprosy community. SBI Life’s #DilBacchaTohSabAccha campaign throws light on how every child’s dream needs the utmost support from our end. In support of the big and small dreams of all these little powerhouses, it asks one simple question “Bade hokar kya banoge?”. And to bring out the true essence of our thought, we have tried to show the regular life and dreams of the kids from Udayan, who have larger-than-life dreams, and we reaffirm their faith with our belief."

SBI Life provides education and holistic development to 270 children belonging to leprosy-affected families. The company also works towards enhancing the employability of 45 young adults who were previously beneficiaries of Udayan, thus ensuring social upliftment through education and employment. Further, to program also creates awareness so that gradually the cycle of leprosy-related stigma & discrimination is unshackled.