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The discovery and native advertising platform Outbrain has announced that it has entered into a strategic partnership with the content platform ScoopWhoop. The new partnership will provide ScoopWhoop to use the full suite of Outbrain tools including Smartfeed, a new digital experience that will help increase discovery of the ScoopWhoop pages - both paid and organic. 

Outbrain’s innovative technology enables publishers to marry editorial curation with personalisation, drive audience growth and engagement, and increase revenue opportunities. It is designed for a range of content including promoted articles, editorial and branded videos and functions across all devices including desktop, mobile, and apps. 

Through this partnership, ScoopWhoop will be able to leverage Outbrain’s platforms to grow their fan base and surface their own content in a prominent manner, as well as driving significant monetisation.

“We are very excited about this partnership with ScoopWhoop. Our aim at Outbrain is to help our partners maximise monetisation by personalising the content experience for their audiences. With our personalised feed technology, we are able to support ScoopWhoop with their goals of engaging their existing users while also finding new untapped audiences for them to grow”, said Sandeep Balani, Head of India at Outbrain. “We look forward to building a strong partnership together that will deliver a premium experience to ScoopWhoop’s audiences while opening up new opportunities for our advertisers.” 

“Native is gaining an increasingly important position in the marketing place and within our own strategy. Providing quality user experiences while effectively monetising our news and entertainment content is key to our future growth and success. The decision to partner with Outbrain relied on its brand global reputation, ability to attract quality partners and flexibility indicates a team always dedicated to achieving mutual benefits, which is essential for a long-term partnership” said, Rishi Mukherjee, Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer at ScoopWhoop.

Anand Makhija, Director Business Development, Outbrain India, commented, “It is thrilling to establish our partnership with ScoopWhoop. Together we will be focused on driving strategic and sustainable growth.  Outbrain is committed to creating the best native experience for the consumer, whilst also connecting leading brands to ScoopWhoop’s highly engaged set of audience. This engagement is proof of our dedication and investment to supply the best monetisation and engagement tools to the top publishers.”