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After a nearly five-months break from his previous role as a Chief Content Officer at Freecultr, Suparn Pandey has announced the launch of his own venture - ‘The Fractional CCO’. 

Pandey took to LinkedIn to announce his new move and stated that he is into the fray once again. This comes almost five months after he exited Freecultr.

“Hello everyone! I have some good news to share with you. I’d like to announce the beginning of my new innings. Today, I start out as a Creative Consultant and Founder of The Fractional CCO,” his post read.

Pandey in his post also went on to state, “It hasn't been easy getting here. But why look back in sadness when you can look ahead with hope? So here we go, my friends.”

Giving a brief introduction of his role, Pandey mentioned, “I have embarked on a mission to provide start-ups and maverick businesses with top-notch content marketing solutions and in-housing services as their “Fractional” Chief Content Officer.”

“I will strive to help my clients to institute a culture of curiosity in their ventures so that they can punch above their weight through the use of effective creativity,” he added.

Stating the reason behind what made him launch his own venture, Pandey mentioned, “I took on this “mantle” because I observed that great content marketing and storytelling have the power to build businesses, transform brands and even spark change in society. So, I thought it would be a worthwhile pursuit if I could use my experience in digital advertising, content marketing, and team building to help disruptive, transformative, and “maverick” brands and initiatives take their content game to the next level.”

Prior to joining Freecultr as the Chief Content Officer in April 2022, Pandey was associated with ScoopWhoop Media, as a Co-founder and Creative Director, for nearly eight-and-a-half years from December 2013 to April, this year.

Pandey had started his journey in digital advertising as a Copywriter at Dentsu Webchutney in 2012 and was associated with the agency for nearly two years.