SEMrush explains how content can remain in Google's top Search Engine Research Page

The report says an 810-word article is optimal to be in Google's top 10 SERP. The average readability score for articles that have not been optimised is 39 out of 100 points. On an average, 85% users pay heed to the article optimisation recommendations of the SEO writing assistant

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SEMrush, a research service company for online marketing, has conducted a study on SEO writing that clearly states that 810 words of an article is optimal to be in Google’s top 10 SERP (Search Engine Research Page). SEMrush has analysed more than 6,000 texts using the SEO writing assistant tool to determine the common habits of writers.

The SEO writing assistant helps content creators to ensure their texts are unique and written in an SEO-friendly style by providing recommendations for content optimisation based on best-performing articles in Google’s top-10 for given keywords in a given location.

According to the research, SEMrush has come up with some other findings too, which state that a writer spends about 2.5 hours on SEO optimisation of the text. The average readability score for articles that have not been optimised is 39 out of 100 points, which speaks of the excessive complexity of the content. However, on average, 85% of users take heed of the article optimisation recommendations from the SEO writing assistant, indicating that the world of content marketing has begun to trust online tools.


Readability score evaluates your text’s difficulty based on the recommended Flesch-Kincaid reading-ease scale. As for the classic SEO optimisation of articles, most editors use in their articles an average of two target keywords, with at least one of them in the title. More information can be seen in the infographics above.

Content writing is one of the most important things that one needs to get right for you to achieve your SEO goals. The essence of content writing is that one needs to develop content that matches the needs of your readers for the viewers to keep on visiting your site. Through this study, SEMrush has determine the common habits of writers and has come up with the finding that will ensure that you haven’t missed your target keywords in the text and title, how long your article should be, check your text for plagiarism, and evaluate your text’s difficulty.

  • 810 words, the average length of user texts;
  • 2 hours 32 min, the average time that users spend on optimising their articles;
  • 76% of headlines contained at least one keyword;
  • 2, the average number of target keywords that users use in their articles;
  • 15, the average number of keywords recommended for use in articles;
  • 39, the average readability score for articles that have not been optimised;
  • 85%+, percentage of successful content optimization.                                   

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