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An iconic song that has always championed friendship is “Yaaron” by the legendary late singer KK. This year, on Friendship’s Day, McDowell’s No1 Soda celebrated #ForeverNo1Yaari by recreating the iconic “Yaaron” song with KK’s children and friends.

Remembering the voice that provided a sonic background to moments of millions of friendships, KK's friends – Leslee Lewis, Shaan, Papon, Benny Dayal and Dhwani Bhanushali – dedicated this beautiful rendition of the song to their forever friend.

This reimaging of the ‘Yaari’ anthem aimed to encourage every fan, singer, music lover, and friend to repost/reshare their version of 'Yaaron' on their social handles as well.

Ruchira Jaitley, Executive Vice-President and Portfolio Head, Marketing, Diageo India, said, "KK gave voice to the spirit of Friendship, and was linked closely with McDowell’s No. 1 Yaari Jam from the very start. We miss his presence and to celebrate his legacy, we collaborated with his yaars – Shaan, Lesley Lewis, Benny Dayal, Papon, Dhwani Bhanushali – and with his children, to recreate the ultimate anthem “Yaaron Dosti” this Friendship Day. We believe KK will continue to live on in the hearts of his friends and his fans across the country with his musical legacy and with #ForeverNo1Yaari."

Shaan, Indian playback singer, said, "Friends and friendship has always been a driving force in my life. And I can’t think of any other song than my brothers KK and Leslie’s iconic “Yaaron”, it’s almost like an anthem for every moment of Dosti. KK was a very dear friend, and I fondly called him Kakes. I miss him immensely, and the opportunity to recreate his song “Yaaron” is once in a lifetime opportunity, so I am thankful to McDowell’s No. 1 to put together a dedication with #ForeverNo1Yaari to Kakes. He was a phenomenal person, and his music deserves to be celebrated for centuries.” 

This rendition will also see KK’s children, Nakul and Tamara, come together to sing this iconic track. Nakul Krishna said, “I used to listen to Yaaron when I would hang out with my close friends as they loved playing it and seeing my reaction. It always reminded me how timeless this song is, I’d always think of dad and miss him, waiting to go back home and tell him about my time with my friends.”

Taamara Krishna said, "Yaaron is a track that even we relate to and not just because it was one of my father’s most-loved song. Dad always valued and prioritised friendship, togetherness, love, and we learnt to value it even more from him.”

The culmination of the friendship month will see these singers Shaan, Dhwani, Benny and Papon along with composer Leslee and KK's children, Nakul, and Tamara, come together on KK's birthday on August 23, 2022 with the McDowell’s No1 Yaari Jam-KK Forever concert at Phoenix Market City, Kurla, Mumbai.