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Bumble has partnered with the popular actor-to-be, Shanaya Kapoor, who will team up with her mother, Maheep Kapoor, to share tips and tricks on how to Bumble better as we navigate dating in 2021. In the fun video, Shanaya and Maheep will be seen bonding over making the first move and spilling some fun secrets and life truths.

The video:

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Shanaya said, “My mom has always been supportive, and I’m super thrilled that this partnership came our way. I’ve always found making the first move empowering that Bumble enables women to do!”

Maheep commented, “I always advise Shanaya to find a friend in her significant other. I want Shanaya to tell me everything; I want to be friends with my kids. I think all parents should take this approach with their kids. Things are already tough out there, and it’s important for children to know you have their back.”

Samarpita Samaddar, Communications Director, Bumble India, said, "We are excited to partner with Shanaya, who is extremely popular with our Gen Z audiences, and delighted that we can also work with Maheep Kapoor to open up conversations around love and dating and normalise reaching out to moms, who are our support systems. Adult children turn to their mothers for advice on everything in life—so why not love? We want to give a shout-out to all the cool moms out there who inspire others to be allies as their children take charge of their dating journeys!"