Singapore Tourism Board's web series ‘Trails 2 Passion – Singapore Redefined' shows a different side of city

Created in association with the global travel community Tripoto, the 6-7 minutes, seven-part series aims at sparking the interest of the viewer to see Singapore in a new light

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From left to right - Amrit Raj Gupta & Ashish Tripathi- Directors of the show, Veer Rajwant Singh- Actor, GB Srithar -Regional Director (South Asia, Middle East and Africa) Singapore Tourism Board and Anirudh Gupt

Singapore Tourism Board has launched an innovative, fun and exciting travel web series titled ‘Trails 2 Passion – Singapore Redefined’ in association with the global travel community Tripoto. The seven-episode web series showcases the experiential exploration of Singapore by well-known faces of internet Naveen Kasturia and Veer Rajwant Singh.

Premiered on April 1, the 6-7 minutes long episodes will have upbeat and catchy content on Singapore, with extra worthy information and an illustrated trail map of the theme at the end of each episode. The series will be around themes such as food, exploration, adventure, culture, etc., to showcase Singapore as not only a fun and adventurous destination but also high on art and culture.

The content initiative aims at sparking the interest in the viewer to see Singapore in a new light and to introduce them to the sic passion tribes under the Passion Made Possible brand -- Foodie, Explorer, Collector, Culture Shaper, Action Seeker and Socialiser.

GB Srithar, Regional Director (South Asia Middle East and Africa), Singapore Tourism Board, said, “With a high penetration of smartphones and a growing number of digital native young consuming content online, there are new, exciting opportunities to connect with them. Our partnership with Tripoto is a creative way of telling Singapore tourism stories. We are happy to have two cool millennials -- Naveen and Veer -- showcase their recent trip. ‘Trails 2 Passion - Singapore Redefined’ tells their stories, in their own voices. Their escapades will entice Indian travellers to enjoy our diverse offerings and live up their own passions.”

Speaking on the association with Singapore Tourism Board and the fun series, Michael Lyngdoh, Co-Founder, Tripoto, said, “Tripoto and STB are collaborating to showcase a different side of Singapore. It is an amalgam of exciting culinary experiences, adrenaline-pumping adventures and beautifully diverse cultures packed in one city. Singapore now appeals to the global experiential traveller. ‘Trails 2 Passion’ is the story of two friends travelling through Singapore and discovering their passions along the way. It’s entertaining, fun and informative; just as great immersive travel content should be.”

Sharing his thoughts on the association, Anirudh Gupta, Co-Founder, Tripoto, said, “There is no better way to promote a destination than through authentic and relatable storytelling. This has always been Tripoto's uniqueness and strength as a travel community platform. In this collaboration with STB, we have used the power of authentic storytelling and our huge distribution to reach out to the millennial audience. We want to thank STB that has given us an opportunity to tell Singapore's story. It is truly a destination that appeals to all, especially millennials that are looking for many diverse experiences packed into one destination.”

Singapore Tourism Board Trails 2 Passion – Singapore Redefined